10 Best Bars In Paris

Best Bars In Paris

Paris is the city of romance. It is one of the best cities in the world. The city is also the place for most classic bars and cafes. It is also called the city of light and people, here, can enjoy the best cocktails, beer and wine in some most popular bars. Some bars provide tasty menus in snacks while in some others people can enjoy right up to dinner. To choose the best from so many popular bars is not an easy task. But we, somehow, managed to do it.

Here Are The 10 Best Bars In Paris:

1. Experimental Cocktail

This cocktail bar was found in 2007. It was created by Pierre Charles and Romee Goriainoff. This club includes Cocktail Club, Curio Parlour, Fish Club and Beef club. The look inside the bar is dark and initmate. If anyone experiences the drink of this bar, he will not try any other boring cocktail bars. The bar offers cocktails mixed with honey, cloves, Bourbon and lime juice with vanilla as an additional flavor.

Experimental Cocktail

2. Harrys Bar

This bar was opened in 1911. It is considered as the birthplace of classic cocktails. Literary giants like Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Sartre used to visit this  bar. This bar has now turned to a tourist spot. It still serves cocktail and has collection of 300 whiskies.

Harrys Bar

3. Le Bar

This is a very stylish and a classic bar. Inside the bar, one would find beautiful flower arrangements, red velvet chairs and beautiful chandeliers. For all these  reasons this bar is popular. The bar offers some mouth-watering menu that consists of lobster club sandwich and canapes.

Le Bar

4. Kleber Bar

This bar is situated inside the new Peninsula Hotel. The bar has high ceilings and gold leafing. It is this bar only where the agreement that ended the Vietnam War was signed in 1973. This bar is like a restored salon. This bar is also a favorite pot for the Parisian elite with features like steel canopy and outdoor terrace with a glass.

Kleber Bar

5. Le Coq

This bar is based in Chateau dEa. It is a cocktail bar situated in the East Village and looks very trendy. The bar is decorated with art of 70s and is dimly lit. It is co-owned by Tony Conigliaro who is a London mixologist. The bar serves molecular cocktails.

 Le Coq

6. Garde Robe

It is basically a wine bar with a difference. It is a hidden gem of the city. Most of the wines here come from French vineyards. It is a boutique and intimate  venue that offers friendly service and huge collection of wines.

Garde Robe

7. Bonnie & Clyde

This bar has a friendly atmosphere and is a simple and perfect place for the late night mood of the area. It has license to remain open till 6 am whereas most of the bars remain open till 2 am. Inside the bar, one will find twinkling orange lights, shadowed corners, beautiful music.

Bonnie & Clyde

8. Le Zorba

Le Zorba is a popular bar in Paris and is one of the 100 best of bars in Paris. It is a Parisian bistro which is situated in the middle of Belleville. It opens very early in the morning at 5. The travellers get attracted to this bar for drink. The merchants who are on their way also visit this bar. The pensioners who live near by also gather at this bar and pass their time sitting together with the young generation who are interested in drinking. Le Zorba sells good quality alcohol at the cheapest rate. The atmosphere of this place is always very cheerful. The barmen are very good. Sometimes in the evening the atmosphere of this bar is rocked by DJs.

 Le Zorba

9. Zero Zero

This is again one of the 100 best of bars in Paris. It is just unbelievable without visiting the bar that this bar can accommodate a large number of people within a very small space. The only drawback is that the space is too short for dancing without spilling one’s drink. This bar is highly expensive and has a welcoming atmosphere. The music is fabulously managed by the  DJs. There lies the success of this bar. To manage such a large number of people in such a small space is not a joke. This great job is done by the efficient staff of this bar. The young owners of Zero Zero are enthusiastic and lively who draw the crowd in the bar every evening. The cocktails are available at high prices  here. The secret that draws people here is the yummy drink called Zero Zero. This drink is mixed with rum-ginger and a mouth-watering recipe. The price of this drink has risen a much in last fifteen years.

Zero Zero

10. Le Motel

Le Motel provides people with a relaxed and homely atmosphere. This bar very often hosts DJs. There is mostly a dance party in the evening either in the main room or in the loungers. This bar is managed by a couple who serve people with draft beer or deliciously prepared mango daiquiri.

Le Motel

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