10 Best Budget Hotels In Costa Rica

10 Best Budget Hotels In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its expensive meals and hotels. However, there are still some budget hotels where you can get all the facilities. If you cannot afford to stay in a luxurious hotel, this does not mean that you have to cancel your trip to Costa Rica. You can still have a fun experience by booking your stay in these budget-friendly hotels. The owners of these hotels are usually chefs, artists, bartenders, teachers or surfers who want to offer a homely stay to the visitors.

Check Out The 10 Best Budget Hotels In Costa Rica:-

1. Rancho Armadillo

Rick Vogel proudly owns this lovely place. With a teaching experience at a culinary school, he makes an excellent five-course meal and delightful pina coladas. Spread over an area of 25 acres, this place is perfect for families and couples. The rooms look cozy with all modern facilities. The staff gives an excellent service and pays attention to all your needs. You can use Rick’s telescope to see the stars.

Rancho Armadillo

2. Rockin’ J’s Hostel

Located in Puerto Viejo, this is an excellent place to chill and have fun. The relaxing atmosphere and art-covered walls will make you visit this place again. You can enjoy your stay in private rooms, tents, hammocks and dorms. The restaurant serves delicious food at an affordable rate.

 Rockin’ J’s Hostel

3. Rancho Burica

Located in Punta Banco, this charming lodge is owned by 27 Dutch people. The cabinas look very neat and clean and give utmost comfort to visitors. The food served is super-delicious. You can also enjoy surfing, horseback riding and hiking here. With so much to offer, Rancho Burica promises to give you an unforgettable experience.

Rancho Burica

4. Flutterby House

This wonderful house is located near Playa Uvita. You can choose between private cabinas and tree houses to stay. Local hardwood is used to construct this beautiful place. You can enjoy a number of activities here such as scuba diving, whale watching, snorkelling, surfing, bird watching and also do some waterfall adventures. The chef’s kitchen offers a wide variety of delectable dishes which you cannot resist at all. With a number of facilities to offer, this place is one of the best budget hotels in Costa Rica.

Flutterby House

5. Hostel Pangea

Hostel Pangea does not need any introduction. It is a very popular place to stay among locals and travellers. The walls of the hotel look quite attractive with murals. There is an outdoor swimming pool where you can relax and feel refresh. The café serves scrumptious meals with a wide variety of dishes.

Hostel Pangea

6. Rio Tico Safari Lodge

Located near Vergel de Punta Mala, this lovely safari lodge is worth your visit. You will love this place because of its quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The entire lodge looks beautiful with a crystal-clear river flowing through it. The rooms offer a pleasant and comfortable stay. If you want to spend your vacation away from the hustle bustle of the city, then this place should be your choice.

Rio Tico Safari Lodge

7. Blue Palm Hotel

This hotel is beautifully located in Jaco. If you are planning to explore Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, then this place should be your destination. There are 14 rooms in the hotel which offer a comfortable stay. They are very spacious, neat and clean and equipped with modern amenities. You can go to the beach and enjoy surfing, fishing etc.

Blue Palm Hotel

8. Los Mangos

Located on Nicoya Peninsula, Los Mangos is a very popular spot among tourists. You can choose between bungalows and rooms to stay. The bungalows have a beautiful Bali architecture and cathedral ceilings which is a visual retreat. There is an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a beautiful garden. Once you unwind your swimming, you can sit and relax on the lounge chairs.

Los Mangos

9. Monteverde Inn

This budget-friendly hotel in Puntarenas province is a must visit. If you are looking for an eco-adventure, check out this place. With beautiful natural surroundings, you can do bird-watching and also visit Cloud Forest Reserve. The atmosphere of this hotel is very peaceful and quiet. The rooms are equipped with all world-class facilities and provide a lot of comfort.

Monteverde Inn

10. Hotel Sueno Dorado

Located near La Fortuna, Hotel Sueno Dorado is one of the best budget-friendly places to stay in Costa Rica. This location is worth a visual retreat. The breathtaking views of lakes, mountains and natural beauty will surely win your heart. There are 10 comfortable rooms with hot water, AC, cable TV and many other facilities. If you are seeking adventure and leisure together, then this place will fulfill all your desires. What more will you ask for when you get a comfortable stay at affordable rates?

Hotel Sueno Dorado

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