10 Best Budget Hotels In Paris

Best Budget Hotels In Paris

Paris may have some of the most expensive luxury hotels but it also has some beautiful budget hotels. These budget hotels are located in all the best areas and among them many have been recently redesigned and renovated. There are plenty of affordable, independent and small hotels in Paris. Most of them offer clean rooms , a good decent environment, cosy atmosphere, and a very warm welcome. These are the hotels to take a look.

Here Are The 10 Best Budget Hotels In Paris:

1. Hotel Georgette

This hotel is situated in the Beaubourg district  and is around 5 minutes walking distance from Georges Pompidou which is a cultural center and the metro station – Étienne Marcel . Initially the name of this hotel was Du Séjour which has now changed recently. The hotel has now changed recently to a fashionable hotel. The rooms are decorated and designed following the style of art-movement. They have minibars, provide facilities like coffee making or tea making, WiFi free of cost and flatscreen TV.

Hotel Georgette

2. Absolute Budget

The hotel was opened in 2010 and the atmosphere inside is cheerful and light.  Private rooms are spacious and with their own bathrooms. The hotel is situated near Père Lachaise and Bellevilles ateliers. The hotel has a lounge as well. Private rooms are also available. They provide services like access to Internet and also WiFi free of cost. Rates include hot showers, be it day or night , free  calls and sheets. In breakfast they serve teas, coffee, orange juice , croissants, and cereals which is free of cost.

Absolute Budget

3. Ecole Centrale

The hotel is decorated with potted palms, Flower vases, exotic plants to make a cosy atmosphere. If requested, they provide facilities like WiFi free of cost, airconditioning and also one can check-in early. It is situated near Marais and a very recently opened place called Gaite lyrique which is a Arts Centre. The room at the top floor has a Jacuzzi. Inside the room fitted are Flat TVs . It is great place for travellers or tourists who enjoy food, art and walking.

Ecole Centrale

4. Herse d’Or

This hotel is located across the street from  Marais church and is approximately 3minute walking distance from Des Vosges. In each room they provide flatscreen TVs,  hair dryers and also WiFi free of cost. They have marble fireplace but do not provide airconditioners. There are two types of rooms available, “economic” and “comfort”. The dining room has stone walls and beamed ceiling. Continental breakfast is offered here. The menu consists of bread, butter, Jams, Croissants, baguettes, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and orange juice.

Herse d'Or

5. Port Royal 

The owner of this hotel is a family who have been running hotel for about four generations. The basic thing that they maintain is clean rooms and friendly service. There are no facilities for WiFi, TVs or free  of cost toiletries. The rooms that are not so expensive,  only have a washbasin. Credit cards – these are not accepted here. Airconditioning is available only in the rooms that are in the ground floor. There are five types of rooms available, Hotel Room, Ocean Suite, Deluxe Room, Deluxe Suite and Efficiency Apartment.

Port Royal

6. Welcome Hotel

This is a traditional hotel and is approximately 15 minutes walking distance  from the Musée Louvre and around 14-minute walking distance from Cathédrale Notre . The rooms are simple and cosy with Flatscreen TVs and WiFi and airconditioning as well. The dining room of the hotel is unusual and also has a terrace. Breakfast is available here but chargeable. The staffs here are very friendly.

Welcome Hotel

7. PlugInn Hostel

This hotel is approximately 6-minute walking distance from Pigalle which is metro station and around 4-minute walking distance from Moulin Rouge. The hotel has been designed and decorated recently. It now offers attached bathrooms, beautiful carpeting, designer wallpapers, hair dryers alongwith WiFi free of cost, sheets and towels and showers. Some rooms even have sitting areas. Flatscreen TVs are fitted inside private rooms. Breakfast served here is complimentary.

PlugInn Hostel

8. Le Montclair 

This hotel is a 13-minute walking distance from Sacré-Cœur and a 2-minute walking distance from Jules Joffrin which is a metro station. This hostel has two types of rooms. Private rooms and Dorm Rooms. The dorm rooms do not have attached bathrooms whereas the private rooms offer that facility. They offer breakfast free of cost. Facilities they provide are hair dryers, fax, and access to internet and also WiFi free of cost. There is a lounge area and also a  shared kitchen.

Le Montclair

9. StChristopher’s Inn

This hostel is approximately 5-minute walking distance from London Bridge  and around 2-minute walking distance from Borough Market . This was opened in 2008 and is modern and spacious. Inside the hostel is a restaurant-cum-bar, arrangement for live music, one soundproof club,. The rooms have privacy curtains and bed lockers. The dorm rooms can accomodate 2-6 guests and provide shared bathrooms. They offer towels, charging stations, lockers and also night lights. The breakfast is served at a sister hostel situated nearby and breakfast is free of cost.

StChristopher's Inn

10. Alfa Nation

This hotel is approximately 1.5 km from Cimetière PèreLachaise and around 6-minute walking distance from Nation metro. The hotel is a cheap but cheerful hotel. In the hotel, the rooms and bathrooms are small. The rooms are nicely furnished and provide facilities like attached bathrooms, telephones and heating. Most of the rooms have a TV.The staffs are friendly and awesome. The place is quite during night but it is safe. The breakfast that is served is a buffet breakfast and is chargeable. WiFi is also offered.

Alfa Nation

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