10 Best Clubs In Thailand

Best Clubs in Thailand

Thailand is renowned for its scintillating nightlife.  From plush nightclubs and discos in the popular tourist areas of the country to calmer spots for enjoying a drink with friends, Thailand offers visitors a variety of clubbing scenes.

Best Clubs in Thailand

With a variety of nightclubs scattered across the country, party animals can head out to any part of the country to experience the vibrant night scene. Nevertheless, the highly-rated nightclubs are primarily concentrated in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

Best Clubs In Thailand

Route 66 Club, Bangkok

Route 66 is one of the hotspots for partygoers. Located on Royal City Avenue in Bangkok, the club remains open throughout the year from 8PM to 2AM. Route 66 is especially renowned for its musical scene. From Thai chartbusters to popular hip hops, you get to hear all types of music in the nightclub.

Route 66 Club

The sprawling club is divided into four zones, each devoted to specific musical and other activities. The price of drinks is pretty reasonable, making the club a popular partying spot for students and young Thais. Although entry is free for citizens of Thailand, foreigners are charged 300 Baht entry fee.

Slim And Flix Club, Bangkok

On Royal City Avenue another club worth visiting is the famous Slim and Flix club. One of the largest clubs of the city is actually made up of two separate clubs – Slim and Flix, each with its distinct specialty.

Slim And Flix Club

While Slim boasts of a predominantly Thai clubbing scene, Flix caters to lovers of house and trance music. Foreigners are required to pay 400 Baht as entry fee. Although club facilities are accessible from 5PM, you have to wait till 9PM for the party to begin.

Demo, Bangkok

Located on Thong Lor Street, Demo attracts affluent Thais and a number of foreign tourists. The unique décor of the club and the vibrant electronic dance music have made Demo a great place to party till the wee hours.

Demo Club

Although entry is free, buying a drink can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, Demo allows visitors to return their unfinished bottles that they can reclaim within a month. And if you want to join the rowdy party animals of the city check out Funky Villa, the next door neighbor of Demo.

Grease, Bangkok

From noisy partygoers to people looking for relaxation, Grease has something for every visitor. The multi-floored club offers a Mediterranean restaurant, lounge bar, wine bar, shisha bar and even an art gallery.

Grease Club

The club is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday, from 6PM to 2AM. The state-of-the-art nightclub enthralls visitors with its mesmerizing illumination, edgy décor and lively music. Grease boasts of having one of the best dance floors in Bangkok.

Banana Disco, Phuket

Overlooking Patong Beach, Banana Disco and Bar is one of the most visited beach clubs in Phuket. The 200 Baht entry fee includes one complementary drink. Compared to the other crowded night venues of Phuket, the strict entry policy of Banana Disco has made it a safer spot for hanging around with friends until early morning.

Banana Disco

The club is renowned for its lively music scene where you get to hear some of the best international music. With a wide selection of cocktail menus, this is an outstanding night venue in the busy beach area of Thailand.

Famous Nightclub And Rooftop Beach Club, Phuket

One of the expensive nightclubs at the centre of Patong Beach, Famous Nightclub can accommodate about 1000 visitors at a time. The main nightclub features a bar with walls adorned with Chinese and Thai paintings.

Famous Nightclub And Rooftop Beach Club

For hosting private parties or for relaxing away from the rowdy crowds, there are a number of small garden areas with bars. However, the main attraction of Famous is its rooftop beach club. The rooftop pool with tropical décor and vegetation offers a great luxurious relaxation spot.

Seduction Beach Club And Disco, Phuket

Located on Soi Bangla, the most vibrant party zone on Panton Beach, in Phuket, Seduction Beach Club and Disco offers three levels of diverse clubbing activities. The beach bar located on the first level of the club is a popular place for enjoying hip-hop and contemporary rhythm and blues.

Seduction Beach Club And Disco

To dance to the tune of some great club hits, head out to the second floor of the beach club. The open air party venue on the top floor is reserved exclusively for members. The 400 Baht entry fee has made Seduction Beach Club and Disco a safe night venue.

Club Insomnia, Pattaya

Club Insomnia is one of the lively clubbing areas on the famous Walking Street of Pattaya. Open throughout the week, it draws a huge number of foreign tourists. The laser lights sweeping the dance floor creates a surrealist atmosphere where you can party all night.

Club Insomnia

The club comprises of a bar area on the first floor and the main club is located above it. There is no entry fee and the drinks are affordable. Hence, the bar and dance areas become packed with revelers almost within minutes after the club opens at 11PM.

Narz Club, Bangkok

At Narz, the party starts at midnight and continues until dawn. This popular venue for night owls in Bangkok is especially noted for its trance music. This is one of the few clubs of Bangkok that admits guests even after midnight.

Narz Club

However, be prepared to spend 400 Baht if you want to visit the club after 12 o’clock in the night. Otherwise, entry is free before 10PM. Nevertheless, when one of the top international DJs is visiting the night club, the entry fee may soar to 800 Baht.  The club comprises of three sections, each devoted to specified music genre including trance, hip-hop and live music.

Hollywood Patong, Phuket

Located on Bangla Road, Hollywood Patong is one of the premier clubs on Patong Beach. Comprising of two rooms, each with distinct décor and own music, it is a great place for reveling throughout the night. It is one of the most happening places in town.

Hollywood Patong

Every day you will find something new in the nightclub. From costume parties to lotteries and games, Hollywood Patong will always keep you entertained. With free drinks available for ladies, the nightclub attracts a large number of women from across Phuket and its neighborhood.