10 Best Golf Courses In Scottsdale

Golf Courses In Scottsdale

Scottasdale is most beautiful city of the eastern part of the phoenix Arizona this is surrounded by the beautiful mountains many lakes are there and this city is most popular among the tourists around the world , every year many tourists visit this city and this city administration has arranged a better place for the tourists in which golf is the one of the most favorite game in the tourists as well as the local citizen , there are many golf courses in the city which charged from the tourists and  the local people  and gives a good facility for the golf playing.

Here Are Some Of Golf Course Of The Scottsdale-

1- Troon North –

This is the perfect place for the playing golf ,  this area is the major part of the north city of the scottasdale , there are many resorts near to this place and many cuisine is there which attracts most of the attention  , the bar  of this place is highly expensive and it costs around 150 dollar to stay over there , this place the beautiful sight seeing the ambiance of this place is also is very good.

troon north

2- We-Ko-Pa-

This is again the beautiful place located at the east of the city , this land is owned by the tribal community of the city but now it is the property of the Mr. dowell , this is the best for the golf players , even if someone wants to play against the wind the facility is also there and mountains, rivers and other nature abstract is also there to provide healthy competition to the players it cost around 200 us dollar.


3- Dunes Golf Club –

This is in the maricopa city which is around 30 km away from the phoenix international airport , it is in south of the scottasdale, the two french architect has design this ground for the golf playing, grassy field , artificial obstacles , and the mountains and the pond give it perfect condition for the golf playing, many local championships has been playing in this golf course yearly, to play golf here you have to pay 100 dollar.

dunes golf club

4- The Boulders-

This is the property of joy morish who actually design the golf course , it is in the east of the city and is only 25 km away form the international airport , joy has made two golf courses , one is at the north and another is at the south , north one is stronger and the harder and the better perspective while the south is for the beginners with the lots of the holes in it, with 5 opener holes and the sticky grass the cost to play over in these two courses is around 170 us dollar.

The Boulders

5- Gold Canyon-

This is just 50 mins away from the phoenix international airport and it is again located in the east of the city and area choose to build this course is exactly the dinosaur mountain and the up and downs of this golf course make it completely hard for the player and the holes of this course are always on the top . The best thing is that it is  at the top of mountain but still tourists come from different places , it costs around 150 us dollar.

gold canyon

6- TPC Scottsdale-

This is basically a stadium of the scottsdale and PGA tour has been there for number of time in this the location is so scary as the deepest and the largest hole is around 3-par. In 2001 in PGA tour the local player wins it and now its become the  most popular golf course of the world. The great tiger also visited this place frequently and practice over here , this golf course cost you around 120 us dollar.

TPC scottsdale

7- Talking Stick-

This is again build in two sights one is in the south and another is in the north both is on the  same pattern one is used fort the tournament and second one is used for the practice , both is made on the mountain and land is of the tribal are these two courses are flat and the holes are deep as 3-par, this costs you around 110 us dollar

talking stick

8- Quintero Golf Club-

This golf course is located 18 miles towards east of the city and is the privately owned but now open for the public and this costs around 100 us dollar. The elevation of each holes is very good , it is most popular in the local citizen.

Quintero golf club

9- Wigwam Golf Course-

This is a desert golf course and this is total a series of three golf courses which give the different elevation changes to the peoples. There are blind shots , deep holes, artificial shots and holes. this costs you around 75 dollar to play.

Wigwam Golf Course

10- Virrado Golf Club-

This is the most beautiful golf course of the city and have its location to the white mountain the elevation of the holes are unique and the players love to play here it cost around 100 us dollar.

virrado golf club