10 Best Picnic Spots In Los Angeles

Picnic Spots In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an exciting place to visit. Apart from offering entertainment, the city has many wonderful picnic spots where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Whether you are looking for secluded spots or sprawling lawns, Los Angeles has everything to offer. The picnic spots have picturesque beauty which is loved by people.

Check Out The 10 Best Picnic Spots In Los Angeles:

1. Barnsdall Art Park

This park is one of the most popular picnic spots in Los Angeles. It is located on Hollyhock House which is the creation of Frank Lloyd. The park is spread over an area of 11 acres. The shaded groves and sunny lawns are super impressive and a delight to visit. Many cultural activities and events are organized in this park from time to time. You can check out farmer’s market on Wednesday and summer wine tastings in September on each Friday night.

Barnsdall Art Park

2. Exposition Park Rose Garden

This beautiful rose garden is located near USC. With an area of seven acre, this place is a perfect spot for enjoying your picnic. The grass is manicured beautifully with colourful rose beds surrounding it in rows. There are many secluded spots where you can enjoy in peace and quiet. You will be amazed to see 200 different types of roses. Whenever you visit this place, do not miss passing by statues, gazebos and the lovely fountain.

Exposition Park Rose Garden

3. Amir’s Garden

Griffith Park boasts of this amazing wonder. You will be surely impressed by its well-manicured grounds, beautiful location and breathtaking views. It is very easy to locate the entry point of Amir’s Garden. Simply follow the signs marked on the road and you will reach your destination. This 5-acre garden is cultivated by Amir Dialameh in 1971. He planted more than 60 kinds of shrubs and trees which include yucca, oleander, geraniums and rose brushes. After his death, the volunteers have taken care of this lovely place.

Amir’s Garden

4. Rocketship Park

The formal name of this park is Los Arboles Park. But it is called ‘rocketship’ because of a 28-foot playground structure made in the shape of rocketship. People love visiting this place to enjoy breathtaking views of the city. Spread over an area of six acres, this place is perfect for spending some romantic time with your partner.

Rocketship Park

5. The Old Zoo

If you are fond of visiting old stone caves and cages, then head straight towards Griffith Park. The Old Zoo is a part of this beautiful park. It came into being in 1912 with luscious grass, perfect views and old stone structures. Planning a picnic at this place is an absolute fun.

The Old Zoo

6. Grand Park

Though this place is a bit crowded but still it is admired by park lovers. It is built over an area of 12 acres and offers excellent facilities. You can enjoy your feast in the open-air with your family and friends. Some of the popular spots in this park are community terrace, grand event lawn and small performance area. The neon pink chairs are simply irresistible. There are many on-site vendors who sell wonderful items.

Grand Park

7. Will Rogers State Historic Park

This park is a wonderful conversion of actor Will Rogers’ estate. Spread over 186 acres, it is an excellent place to spend your afternoon. You can explore the ranch house and enjoy hiking on different trails. The beautiful sight of manicured lawns is pleasing to the eye. If you are travelling to Los Angeles, do not forget to visit this amazing park.

Will Rogers State Historic Park

8. Echo Park Lake

A grand sum of $45 million was spent on the restoration of this park. This place is the first choice of many tourists. Though there are not many picnic tables and shades available but you can always explore places around the lake. Enjoy watching lotus plants, rent a paddleboat or buy yourself some drinks.

Echo Park Lake

9. Lake Balboa

There are many picnic tables in the park where you can sit and relax. You can also stretch out your legs in huge areas and enjoy lovely views. The best time to visit this place is spring when you can see thousands of cherry blossom trees in their full bloom. There is a running path in the park along with tennis courts and golf course where you can do some physical activity.

Lake Balboa

10. Polliwog Park

The 18-acre park is a great place to feel refresh. You can sit and relax on picnic tables or just walk around the park and enjoy its beauty. Many concerts and events are also organized in its amphitheater which attracts a huge gathering.  If you want to play sports, then go to its magnificent golf course.

Polliwog Park