10 Most Popular Burger Places LA

10 Most Popular Burger Places LA

There is something about the BURGERS in LA that makes them lip smacking good. Not sure if that is the ambience of the city or the fresh ingredients and meat that is sourced from only the best. It could be the bread that is made from the top flour makers in the country. But all together, there is nothing like a burger in LA, which is made from everything ranging from meats to veggies.

Here Are 10 Places To Try Burgers In LA

1. Eggslut

Eggslut has been named after their most popular Eggslut Cheeseburger. It is made using cheddar cheese, American Wagyu, caramelized onions with vinegary pickles and put together in all deliciousness. Something not to miss here for sure.


2. Cecconi’s

This is surely the best-in-city burger and comes with a regal touch. It has a great black truffle burger that is served with fontina cheese. You also get a lot of griddled pancetta to finish off this yummy meal at just $7.


3. Badmaash

As the name suggests it is an Indian way of serving the burger. You have to try the chicken tikka poutine along with the spicy burger. It has red onions, cilantro and sure is smokey to add the perfect finish to a burger that is made the Indian way.


4. Ledlow

This is one of the recent places that has opened up in town but serves delicious burgers. You can choose from double, triple or the boring old single burgers. Get your toppings like Dijon, American cheese and cheddar, choice of red onions long with dill pickle and garlic aioli.


5. The Rockefeller

This one on the south Bay will keep you wanting of more. It has a slice of the best burgers in the city. You can get almost all kinds of burgers here that include a touch of innovation and have a great taste.

The Rockefeller

6. Bistro Cody Diegel

Another burger joint where you are left craving for more. This is a place where you can fetch some of the most exotic  American Wagyu beef along with options like truffle bacon jam and taleggio cheese. Here the patties are double-stacked and served with pickles and accompaniments.

Bistro Cody

7. Mariscos El Cristalazo

Mariscos El Cristalazo had got awards for their premium non beef burgers. It is a place that non beef eaters will enjoy the most because they provide you with a range of seafood burgers. There is juicy shrimp right there on your plate and it is not something to miss out on.

Mariscos El Cristalazo

8. Flintridge Proper

Flintridge Proper is not located in the main area but has burgers that leaves your salvaging. It has toppings and burger additions that really take you back to the 50’s. So think of deviled eggs along with the popper artichoke dip that are served with  wedge salads and other specialties.

Flintridge Proper

9. Cassell’s Hamburgers

This is a typical Koreatown burger joint that is now located on 6th Street. The burger joint is all about meats and very little veggies. You can think of options like lettuce, pickles and ripe tomatoes with spicy onions and other accompaniments on the side.

Cassell's Hamburgers

10. Connie & Ted’s

Connie & Ted’s offer a bit more than over-seasoned seafood. It houses specialties like the Nueske’s bacon along with pickles that are made at home and dressings like Thousand Island, without which a burger cannot be complete. And of course lots of butter for that LA touch.

Connie & Ted’s

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