10 Most Romantic Places For A Honeymoon

Now that your wedding is over, the quest for the perfect honeymoon destination must captivate your senses. With a number of options to choose from, selecting the most romantic place for your honeymoon can be difficult.

10 Most Romantic Places For A Honeymoon

When looking for a honeymoon getaway, you need to pick one that provides the most intimate or enriching experience. One’s honeymoon is a special time in one’s life. Hence, it is essential to spend it in an environment that lets romance flourish. While some couples prefer a wild getaway, others prefer a cozy and intimate experience. Here are the 10 most romantic places for a honeymoon.

10 Romantic Places for a Honeymoon

1. Maldives


Considered the world’s perfect archipelago for intimate romance, the sun-soaked beaches, swaying palm trees and balmy waters of Maldives can truly inspire the next romantic poet in you. A number of quality hotels offer private bungalows on beach strips with direct access to the ocean from the porch itself. Go sunbathing with your spouse or dive for marine life viewing. With quality creature comforts and a perfect view, your honeymoon is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

2. Hawaii


Adventure loving newlyweds will love the wild ambiance that Hawaii has to offer. Filled with lovely tropical beaches, lush wildlife and a number of exciting active volcanoes to visit, Hawaii offers a lot to absorb. If you plan a grand stay at one of the lush hotels, you are in for a grand treat. Five-star decadence combined with luxurious spa treatments and breathtaking adventure packages are sure to help you make memories.

3. Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands offer one of the most picturesque settings for a romantic getaway for two. It has a number of secluded beaches with untouched waters for a private dip in the middle of the night; Spanish ruins at the Little Fort National Park. You can stay at some of the luxury resorts offering private beach houses with pools, candlelit dinners and concierge services to die for. A little culture mixed with a whole lot of romance make for a lovely honeymoon.

4. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda – British Virgin Island

The unspoiled secluded beaches at Virgin Gorda are a perfect retreat for couples seeking an intimate getaway. A host of national parks like The Bath, mysterious landforms, grottos and a rich underwater marine life exploration are just some of the many activities that could be done with your spouse. Luxurious resorts offering romantic packages, beachfront villas, private pools and romantic sunset decks will add pizzazz to your honeymoon experience.

5. Venice, Italy

venice italy

If going to Paris seems too mainstream, you should consider spending your honeymoon in Venice. The little country offers a lot to romantic couples in terms of sights, sounds and tastes. Stay at a luxury resort or a small bed n breakfast. You can rent a scooter and explore the various sights on your own or even choose to take a gondola ride across the city. Sip the finest Venetian wines along with choicest of cheeses. With such rich instances of architecture and historical places to explore, Italy provides a heavenly prospect to newlyweds.

6. Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti is a mandatory destination for those who seek an offbeat but romantic Caribbean retreat. The crown jewel of the French Polynesian Islands, Tahiti offers pristine beaches, sparkling blue waters and private beach houses for that intimate connection with your spouse. Luxurious spa treatments, excellent hotel packages and lovely natural surroundings are sure to spoil you silly. Your journey home will be full of warm Tahitian memories.

7. Kerala, India

Kerala, India

The southernmost state of India is a tropical paradise in its own right. Lush backwaters, exquisite beaches, private villas and exciting animal expeditions will make the most of your trip. In addition, you will savor the eclectic cornucopia of tastes that the cuisine of this glorious state has to offer. Many people have claimed that their visit to the picturesque state has been one of the most enriching experiences of their lives.

8. The Bahamas

The Bahamas

There is something magical about spending your honeymoon in the Bahamas. The tropical sun and sea, swaying palm trees, clear beaches, private huts on the beach and coral reef explorations are just some of the many activities, the glorious island has in store for newlyweds. With rich instances of Calypso music, goombay and rich cultural heritage, Bahamas are the emerging haunt for young couples.

9. Jamaica

There cannot be a more splendid and colorful honeymoon destination than Jamaica. Set in the heart of the Caribbean, the island offers varied sights and sounds. Couples on their honeymoon will be surprised to find lovely tropical beaches and undulating mountains in the same stretch of land. A number of lush resorts offer quality vacationing experience. Most people claim to enjoy the indoor decadence too much to step out.


Honeymooners can enjoy the lush waters and gorgeous sunsets while sipping cocktails on beach decks. They can surf the waves or even go snorkeling. Jamaica offers an exciting nightlife with music, dancing and assortment of other merrymaking mediums. The streets are chock a bloc with colorful markets selling souvenirs and some of the most sumptuous dishes you will ever have.

10. Mexico

Imagine having a private villa on the Mexican Riviera, with nothing but sheer decadence to distract you from your stunning spouse. Mexico offers all of this and more. The rich culture and history provides a number of great sights like the Nueva Vallarta and the Mayan Riviera. Dotted with lush beaches, spectacular flora, fauna, and indigenous cuisines, a trip to a quality resort in Mexico is sure to take romance up a couple of notches. Watch a Mayan wedding, dine at the Acapulco Bay, go party hopping at some of the hottest nightclubs or even let a Mariachi band serenade your evening. Either way, spending your honeymoon in Mexico will be an unforgettable experience.


Picking a destination from this list will ensure that your honeymoon is a spectacular extravaganza of romance, intimacy and adventure. Before traipsing off to your honeymoon, make sure you do your homework about the sights, culture and cuisine in order to have the best possible experience.