10 Most Romantic Restaurants In Austin

Romantic Restaurants In Austin

If you are on your honeymoon trip to Austin or even for a family holiday, there is nothing quite like experiencing a romantic dinner. There are plenty of restaurants in Austin that provide you with a romantic dinner, which not only applies to ambience but food as well. Candlelights may or may not be the part of the experience but the gestation sure is romantic.

So Check Out These Romantic Restaurants In Austin:

1. Wink

The name itself is flirty and peppy and there is something mysterious about this place that immediately puts it high on the romantic list. The restaurant is not a very fancy or lavish joint but it offers a cozy and intimate ambience. But the star of the restaurant are the food and the staff. There are plenty of romantic dishes to start off this romantic gestation. Start off with starters like foie gras or opt for some exotic entrees like the smoked sashimi or even duck breast. No romantic meal can be complete without a dessert that makes you sinful. The chocolate cake here along with the crème brûlée complete the experience.


2. Green Pastures

This one is all about providing the right ambience along with the right food. Green Pasture is truly a regal experience in Austin that offers a lovely ambience along with starchy white linen that makes you feel that you really shouldn’t spill anytime there. The victorian mansion is located in a serene neighbourhood of South Austin. It is one of those areas where peacocks are roaming around and the huge oak trees seem to touch the sky. Along with the perfect exteriors, the interiors too are plush and romantic. Dinner menu highlights include bread mudding that comes with an exotic milk. The pecan salmon is particularly great.

Green Pastures

3. Bess Bistro Restaurant

This bistro is owned by famous actress and former resident of Austin, Sandra Bullock. The restaurant is one of the most frequented places by the stars of Hollywood. It is made in a historic stone and is a very stylish spot. You can find some of the most appealing American dishes here, which are romantic and also warming. Try the zesty shrimp that is barbecued or even artichokes crusted with semolina and the fried lemon wheels that are tossed in Parmesan. A romantic shepherd’s pi adds to the menu, which is served in a classic iron skillet. Then there are other foods like gratin or cheese macaroni that simply completes the divine experience.

Bess Bistro Restaurant

4. Eastside Cafe

Located on the east side of Austin, this is one of the most popular restaurants for bringing a first date. The place is intimate but not obviously romantic. As you enter the cafe, there is an aromatic and pleasant feeling. They also have an impressive organic garden on the back that provides some freshness to the meals served here. The popular dishes on the menu include Asian chicken salad or pork tenderloin with rosemary.

Eastside Cafe

5. Chez Nous Restaurant

Situated right in the downtown, this restaurant has a tinge of Paris, which adds to the complete romantic experience. You can certainly impress a date by getting here. The food is all about classic French and has a lot of prettiness. The ambience boasts of lacy curtains, scented bottles and fresh flowers with candles. You can enjoy a luxurious three course prefix dinner or go for the a-la carte. Opt for dishes like pâté maison, escargots de Bourgogne, plump mushrooms and baguettes. Other dishes include the confits de canard along with two grilled duck legs and finish of with mousse au chocolat.

Chez Nous Restaurant

6. Fabi + Rosi

The dishes served in this restaurant are rustic and finished off with a home-style touch.  The favourites here include the  schnitzel and escargot and strangely, even the most rustic dishes seem romantic in the ambience here. The restaurant is placed in  craftsman-style bungalow. It serves both German and French inspired food. Interiors here simply make you feel that you are in a romantic paradise with the gorgeous chandeliers. Meat dishes are the highlight of the restaurant.

Fabi + Rosi

7. Justine’s Brasserie

This romantic restaurant is basically a little French joint that has some classic dishes whipped up the romantic way. All of the dishes here come with a finesse that makes the food and ambience so romantic. It is one of the best eateries in east Austin. Justine’s has a clientele that boasts of celebrities too. Mussels and scallops are the two most popular dishes here. Chocolate pear tart here is a great way to finish the romantic dinner.

Justine’s Brasserie

8. Fonda San Miguel

Fonda San Migue has a classic Mexican interior and offers classic Mexican food. It has been around since 1975 and is perfect for the adventurous romantics. You will love the ranchero-style building that has a cozy feel and bright ambience. It is perfect for your first date as you start off with a margarita and ceviche. Try the cochinita pibil along with spicy burritos.

Fonda San Miguel

9. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

This is another restaurant that offers live music and active bar. For some this may be noisy but romantic dinners needn’t be quite all the time. The ambience is jovial but you can easily find a corner table that is away from the noise. Have the seafood here like shellfish tower,  Maine lobster,  jumbo lump crab, etc. The dessert platter too is impressive with a range of choices.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

10. Olive & June

Olive & June is a romantic multi-level restaurant with divine food. Tuck away into  home-made mozzarella appetisers. Other dishes to try out include the Farm Egg, pasta Mezzelune with butter squash, etc. There is outdoor seating available too for an added romantic touch.

Olive & June