10 Stunning Beaches In Bahamas

Stunning Beaches In Bahamas

Bahamas beaches are like paradise for people who adore sea beaches. The long stretches of silvery sand caressing the turquoise sea water have all the reasons to pamper you. But think about settling onto a secluded part of any of the Bahamas beaches with your soul-mate and soaking into the beauty of the exotic ocean. Most of the beaches in Bahamas can help you tread on this out-of-the-world experience. Here is on offer a specially crafted list of beaches in Bahamas. Settling on any of them can make your vacation the most cherished experience.

Here Are The 10 Stunning Beaches In Bahamas:

1. Cabbage Beach

Leave alone the Bahamas, Cabbage Beach tops the list of all the beaches in the world. With many prestigious hotels and resorts around, Cabbage Beach is beautifully perched on Paradise Island. The beach with wide strip of soft silvery sand zooming along 2 miles is a beach revelers’ paradise. Along the beach, you will find Australian pines, sea grapes and palms lining all the way. The turquoise water dashing against the coast is just breathtaking.

Cabbage Beach

2. Paradise Beach

Located on Paradise Island, Paradise Beach ranks among one of the most sought-after beaches in the region. Sandy stretch of the beach is dotted with Chikees or thatched huts. These huts serve as shelters when there is too much sunshine. It is not a public beach. It specifically serves the guests staying at the Atlantis Resort.

Paradise Beach

3. Jaws Beach

This wonderful beach is included in the Clifton Heritage Park. The name of this beach might sound terrible to someone but you will find no sharks around. Hollywood blockbuster movie “Jaws” got its final shots filmed here. Therefore, the beach got its name after the movie. It is an isolated beach. However, the protruded rocks and glistering white sand confronting beautiful shallow water fill great romance in the surrounding.

Jaws Beach

4. Cable Beach

With lots of footfalls yearly, Cable Beach is a real paradise for the beach revelers. You will find this beach perched among hotels and resorts in Nassau. Located three miles towards the west from downtown Nassau, Cable Beach is a good treat to eyes with its fine silvery sand and calm water.

Cable Beach

5. Goodman’s Bay Beach

East of Cable Beach, towards Nassau, is the site of Goodman Bay Beach. Despite being a public beach, it is not so crowded. The real attractions of this beach are the fundraising parties hosted by the beach authority. You can stimulate your taste buds at this beach with savories such as fish, chicken, cheese and macaroni. With calypso music and reggae, you can also have a fun of your lifetime here.

Goodman’s Bay Beach

6. Love Beach

Located at a distance of 9 miles from downtown Nassau, Love Beach is the prime destination for those who admire water sports and fun. The beach owns a vast stretch of coral reef around 2000 meters off-shore and offers snorkeling facility to reach there. Love Beach is home to the famous and prestigious Nirvana Beach Bar.

Love Beach

7. Caves Beach

Caves Beach is found on New Providence Island shore. The small beach has less tourist traffic. Vacationers who get nearly choked at high traffic beaches find it the most relaxing destination to enjoy their own space of time. Apart from the narrow and pristine sand strip, you will also find many limestone cavers around. These caverns, a handiwork of waves, is said to have given shelter to the primitive Indians.

Caves Beach

8. Adelaide Beach

Towards the south of New Providence Island, Adelaide Beach is seated beautifully in a village named Adelaide. It is somewhat a secluded beach and its seclusion is its great charm. A prime weekend attraction for both tourists and locals, Adelaide Beach offers ample recreational activities like hanging out under tree shades, listening to music, playing dominoes, swimming in crystal clear water and gulping down local beer called ‘Kalik’.

Adelaide Beach

9. Coral Harbour Beach

The serene and quiet location of Coral Harbour Beach attracts beach lovers who like to enjoy their vacation laying lazily on the sand and staring the infinite ocean. Located in New Providence Island, you can find access to this beach through Coral Harbour Resort. Dotted with beautiful palm trees and Australian pine trees, the beach is filled with a unique charm of romance. From offering opportunities of taking a long stroll and having a dip in the gentle and clear sea, Coral Harbour Beach can offer you a stunning vacation time.

Coral Harbour Beach

10. Saunders Beach

This beach is specifically popular among the local revelers who like to enjoy their weekends here. It is located towards Coral Island. So, you can reach there by taking West Bay Street from downtown Nassau. Saunders Beach often hosts fund raising cookouts and allows public entry.

Saunders Beach