11 Best Honeymoon Hotels In Costa Rica

Honeymoon Hotels In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its exotic locations and breathtaking views. There is no better option than spending your honeymoon at this beautiful place. Though there are many luxurious hotels in Costa Rica but some of them are quite popular among couples to spend some romantic time together.

Check Out The 11 Best Honeymoon Hotels In Costa Rica:

1. Hotel Royal Corin

This luxury resort is located in Arenal. It is a huge hotel that comes with all modern facilities. Go outside, explore the area and come back in this comfortable accommodation. The rooms are relaxing and have a beautiful décor. Charges for rooms start from $245 per night.

Hotel Royal Corin

2. La Mansion Inn

Situated in the lovely Manuel Antonio, this hotel is known for its location. As it is built on a mountain, you can have a view of Manuel Antonio National Park and the magnificent Pacific Ocean. The hotel has an excellent service and serves delicious food. Charges for rooms start from $316 per night.

La Mansion Inn

3. Tabacon Resort and Hot Springs

If you are planning for your honeymoon, then this resort is definitely a good choice. Apart from beautifully decorated rooms with classic furnishings, you will love the atmosphere as the hotel is surrounded by rainforest. There is an excellent spa which offers a combination of high-tech and modern amenities. Charges for rooms start from $293 per night.

Tabacon Resort and Hot Springs

4. Arenal Nayara Hotel and Gardens

Located at a distance of 6km from La Fortuna, this hotel is very popular among newly-married couples. It is spread over an area of 12 acre on a hilltop and surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens. With luxurious rooms and world-class facilities, you will feel very relaxed in the cozy and quiet atmosphere of the hotel. Charges for rooms start from $322 per night.

Arenal Nayara Hotel and Gardens

5. El Silencio Lodge & Spa

If you are romantic at heart, then this is the perfect place to be on your honeymoon. Located in Bajos del Toro and quite close to Sarchi home, you will surely enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings. The elegant rooms with modern furniture and peaceful surroundings will make your trip memorable. Charges for rooms start from $386 per night.

El Silencio Lodge & Spa

6. Gaia Hotel and Reserve

Located in Manuel Antonio, this 5-star hotel wins the heart of every visitor. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches, rainforests where you can find a wide variety of wildlife. This place is so close to nature that you won’t want to go back home. Apart from visiting the National Park, you can also try some adventure such as kayaking and rafting. This hotel is also near Quepos which is famous for its restaurants and live music. Charges for rooms start from $361 per night.

Gaia Hotel and Reserve

7. Zephyr Palace

Located in Jaco, this small hotel is a quiet and peaceful place to make your honeymoon more romantic. As it is away from the crowded city, it is a popular choice of many couples. Everything is royal in this hotel; be it its rooms, service or food. With greenery all around, you will surely fall in love with this place.  Charges for rooms start from $392 per night.

Zephyr Palace

8. The Peace Lodge

There is something magical about this place. With beautiful waterfalls and rainforests as its surroundings, the place looks mesmerizing. The hotel looks amazing with lovely interiors. The luxurious beds in the rooms and world-class amenities give you a complete comfort. Charges for rooms start from $497 per night.

The Peace Lodge

9. Arenas del Mar

Located near the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, this hotel is one of the best honeymoons hotels in Costa Rica. If you have love for nature, then this place should be your destination. The cool ocean breeze with warm sun is just perfect to sit and relax. Apart from beautiful rooms and luxurious bathrooms, you will be impressed by the hotel staff service. Charges for rooms start from $395 per night.

Arenas del Mar

10. The Springs Resort & Spa

Surrounded by cascading waterfalls, beautiful tropical gardens and breathtaking views of Arenal volcano, this resort is a must visit. Located at a distance of 9km from the city of La Fortuna, this place is a bit expensive as compared to others but worth spending your money. The luxurious service of the hotel justifies the charges of room. Staying here will surely make your honeymoon memorable. Charges for rooms start from $706 per night.

The Springs Resort & Spa

11. Kura Design Villas

The moment you enter this place, you will definitely get impressed. With beautiful surroundings that include rainforests and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, you will be mesmerized by contemporary architecture and world-class service of the hotel. It services lip-smacking food which you cannot resist to eat. Charges for rooms start from $757 per night.

Kura Design Villas

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