12 Weirdest Brewery Locations In America

Weirdest Brewery Locations In America

The breweries are often located in a cheap space which is not a charming place to visit. There are many breweries in America where beer is manufactured and sold. However, some of the locations are so weird that you have never even imagined about them.

Here Is The List Of 12 Weirdest Brewery Locations In America:

1. Former Church

Can you ever imagine a brewery located in a Church? Well, if not, then digest this fact as America has a brewery known as ‘The Church Brew Works’. It is housed in an old Roman Catholic Church which was built in 1902. This brewpub has also won many awards.

Former Church

2. Former Funeral Home

Located in a funeral home, Brewery Vivant produces high-quality beer which makes it famous among people. Though the location is pretty weird but it is not a constraint in the success of the business.

Former Funeral Home

3. Monastery

It is very common in Belgium to have a brewery opened in a monastery. But having the same in America is strange. Spencer Brewery is a famous brewing company in Massachusetts which is housed in a monastery.


4. Gas Station

You will be greeted with a pleasant surprise when you go to a gas station to fill up your gas tank but find a brewery instead. Angry Hank’s is a microbrewery located in a gas station. You can visit this place between 4pm to 8pm.

Gas Station

5. Bed & Breakfast

One will never imagine a brewery in a Bed & Breakfast. Brewery Creek is located in Wisconsin with five rooms above the pub. However, you will be only served OJ and coffee in the complimentary breakfast.

Bed & Breakfast

6. Airport

Tampa International Airport has given a good space to Cigar City in its Airside Terminal C. It is the only airport in the world having a brewery. You will be surely impressed by the exclusive offerings of this wonderful place.


7. Train Station

Though train stations are known to have a poor collection of beer but Flossmoor Station is way much better. Located in Chicago, it came into being in 1906. However, in 1990s, it was replaced by a Metra. The building now looks very inviting and the brewery makes some fine barrel-aged beers.

Train Station

8. Jail

We all know that drinking too much will make you end up in jail. But how about having a brewery in jail? Isn’t it strange? Jailhouse Brewing Company in Georgia is located in a former jailhouse where you will get high-quality beer.


9. Rural Diner

Check out Gella’s Diner and Lb. Brewing Co. located in Hays, Kansas for a splendid experience. They serve German-style beers along with an amazing menu of classic food. With such a bombastic combination, you will forget about your hangover.

Rural Diner

10. Casino

Tired of having drinks mixed with water in the casinos? Located at El Dorado Casino in Nevada, The Brew Brothers is famous for its classic beers.


11. Gastropub

You will be surprised to know that a big city like Manhattan also has a brewery. Known as 508, this brewery is run by an excellent team who has set it up in a basement restaurant. This is the only gastrobrewery in the world.


12. Luxury Spa

The best way to relax is to visit Blackberry Farm. Located in Tennessee, this luxurious farm boasts of its wonderful brewery which offers a wide range of beers. Apart from the comfortable cottages, lip-smacking cuisine and excellent hospitality of the resort, the guests love this brewery.

Luxury Spa