4 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Sweden

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Sweden

Popularly known as the kingdom of Sweden and the capital city to be Stockholm, is also known as the land of the rising Sun and the land of the Vikings truly to its nature. With the countries of Finland and Norway bordering the sides of this Scandinavian country it is bliss for the tourists all around the world. This country offers many things to do for the tourists around the world. With the different adventure, skiing in the snow capped mountains, kid’s amusement parks, fishing, boating, finest restaurants, nightlife, food, entertainment. Every possible means of enjoyment is offered by the region. So just pick a date and reach the destination.

The Major Attractions To Be Visited:

• Kalmar Castle

This magnificent monument is located in the eastern part of Sweden. It is called by this name as it is situated on the small peninsula of the Kalmar straight. The whole castle was built way back in the 14th century and due to the erosion and different destructions by the time and wars it had to be rebuilt again after two centuries. It stands near the harbor, and due to this people call is as the Key to the Kingdom. This Castle has time and again served as a prominent defense from the Danes attack due to it’s location on the border of Denmark.

Kalmar Castle

• The Visby Medieval City

This site is another world heritage site added to the UNESCO list. This well preserved medieval city is the pride of Scandinavia. It is located in Gotland region of Sweden and is as old as it way backs to the 12th century. The prominent site of the city is stone wall named as the Ringmuren. This was built in the 13th century, to protect the flourishing city of commerce and culture. There are numerous exciting historical sites a housed inside this huge city few to be named like the Visby Sweden Cathedral, and then comes the Historical Museum of Gotland, the enchanting Botanical Gardens and the Dominican Monastery of St. Nicholas. The garden and the roses in it have given the city the name of “the city of roses”. It also has an exciting area to shop and enjoy wearing the medieval dresses for your own photo frame.

The Visby medieval city

• Stockholm Cathedral

It is situated next to the Royal palace and is a breath taking view for all. The entrance is adorn by the welcoming the statue of St. George and the dragon. It also has the most significant style of architecture of royalty and ornamented with gold and colorful stones. It also holds a silver alter which shines brightly in the main hall of prayers making the ornate structure more soothing to the eyes. This is a very peaceful place to distress all your worries. It also has a perihelion painting which is the most top feature of the church.

Stockholm cathedral

• Leonardo da Vinci Museum

This unique museum houses all the private collection of the famous Kulenovic family. The main feature and attraction of this Swedish museum is the “The youngest Madonna” statue which was built by Da Vinci himself way back in his time. There are also plenty of exhibits like a special drawing by Da Vinci, and a rare piece of porcelain collected from the from Istanbul which belonged to the Topkapi palace there. Also it has the most significant gem studded gold piece which has come down from.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum So next vacations visit this spectacular country and enjoy the stay with various attractions to cover.