5 Best Adventures In Costa Rica

Best Adventures In Costa Rica

Adventure tours are really the best part of life, when people use to explore a certain place. This is actually a very important kind of activity that people use to do while visiting some new place. Guides are an integral part of adventure tours as they will help you to know the entire background and the present of a particular location. You might have done some countless walking tours throughout the world. Hold on your breathe to perform the best kind of walking tours in Costa Rica. It is very important to know about the city and its history. There are lots of top most destinations that should be explored with the help of a guide. It will surely help to know the entire culture, education and agriculture background of Costa Rica.

Here Are The 5 Best Adventures In Costa Rica:

Cloud Forest

Cloud forest has become one of the best kinds of destination in Costa Rica that can be used for walking and exploring the entire area. You can view the alluring type of coffee plantation that will add some adventure to life. The brilliant kind of orange color poro trees will look superb. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and the walk the country roads for best experience.

Cloud forest


This is not at all a guided kind of tour as it can term as a crazy type of walk. A good pilgrimage is done at this location. The catholic statue of La Negrita is very sacred and is kept at this location. People from all across the world pay a visit to this location and ask for their miracles and favors. People need to walk around 15 miles that too from San Jose. It is really interesting to perform such ritual only during August.


Arenal Volcano

Arenal volcano is actually a national park in Costa Rica. It is mainly open the entire day for interested hikers. There is more than seven thousand acre of land providing gorgeous view of the mountain. You can have the hike over the lava flows and enjoy the natural beauty. Unique varieties of animals and plants will add real time adventure to the life. It can provide the best hiking experience in the forest along with wildlife view. You should know perfect hiking for making this trip successful one.

Arenal volcano

Barrio Bird

This is one of the famous walking tours of Costa Rica and is actually a perfect one. The rich history and tradition of Costa Rica will attract towards it. Barrio Bird can provide special trip to some of the most demanded places in order to explain the rich history of the place. They will also provide information about how the city changed with due course of time. The guides play a very important role to discuss all of these important topics. They will show the national theater to political centers.

Barrio Bird

Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste is a very perfect type of river whose water is superb blue in color. The color is so brilliant that you will not believe the actual scene. This trip to Rio Celeste is really unique as it will provide view of Brilliant River and enjoy the hot springs coming from Tenorio volcano. The waterfall of Celeste will really take your breathe. You need to give much effort to enjoy this trip as there are lots of difficulties to be faced.

Rio Celeste

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