5 Best Beaches In Europe

A glorious sun, an expanse of warm sand and pristine sea water sounds like a perfect place to chill and put all the mundane happenings of life aside! Europe is a beautiful continent and because of its geographical location, it not only has verdant hills, snow peaks, green pastures and meadows but also harbours the most beautiful beaches of the world.

5 Best Beaches In Europe

If you thought carribean beaches are unmatched then take a look at the ones in Europe that we are going to list right here. So pack those swimsuits and bikinis if you happen to be making plans of going to this wonderful continent. And for those who do not have any plans, let us try and change your mind through this piece!

Best  Beaches In Europe

Cala Luna And Grotta Del Bue Marino, Italy

Cala luna is one of the most popular beaches in Italy. It has distinct landscape marked by presence of caves on the beach rocks made of limestone created by the striking waves. The water here is crystal blue and sand is white which again rests against the white cliffs and rocks of limestone. You can reach this beach by sea or by road. However, the latter will require parking the car much farther from the beach and climbing down a cliff.

Cala Luna And Grotta Del Bue Marino

The beach is in a crescent shape and therefore very often referred to as “Moon beach”. There is only one humble restaurant and a bar on the beach to bite in.  You can access another very distinct beach near Cala Luna called Grotta Del Bue Marino which is actually an underground beach! But this beach can be reached only by boat. Grotta Del Bue is a work of nature and a must visit. There are no hotels in these areas but quite a few about 2-3 miles away.

Canos de Meca ,Spain

Los Canos De Meca is a small seaside village in Spain harbouring many peaceful and beautiful beaches that are till now a little untouched by the tourists who generally throng the areas around. The beach here has a lighthouse for that classic touch and cape Trafalgar kisses it from the north western side. Though a small place, Canos De Meca has various options when it comes to accommodation.

Canos de Meca

You can choose from a range of hotels, hostels and even bungalows or independent villas depending upon your budget and group size. The beach itself has restaurant El Pirata which is known for its seafood and a visit to Cano de Meca would be incomplete without taking a bite at this place. The best time to enjoy the beach is from June to September when the weather is warm and usually hovers around 23-24 degrees during the day time.

Cap Ferret, France

Cap Ferret is one of the most popular beaches in France with a few movies having been shot here! This beach is known for its oyster raising. There is a shallow lagoon called Bassin d’ Archchon which is the farming area for the oysters so it comes as no surprise that every eatery here teems with the oyster dishes. The beach will also show you various facades during the day from being completely covered by sea during the high tide and again turning into a beachfront with low tides.

Cap Ferret

This is a true French destination and you can taste the real France at Chez hortense. Try the food and desserts which are not only delectable but ooze elegance and delicateness. If you are looking for a more rustic experience then go for Chez Bhoulan in the fisherman’s village. The best place to stay here would be Cote’ Sable which however, you may find to be little expensive but quite worth it. At Cap Ferret you must make one climb to dune Du Pillat which is the highest sand dune in Europe. The scenery of Cap Ferret from there is quite magnificent. June to September is the ideal time to visit this area if you want to soak at the beach.

Egremni, Greece

Greece is known for its white sands and turquoise beaches. Amongst them Egremni is like a pearl of the greek beaches. Usually people rush to more popular Porto Katsiki beach but the tranquil and less crowd on Egremni makes it more tranquil. It has the most transparent sea water and the view is to die for with a tall 150 metres high cliff in the foreground and blue waters in the front.


It is located in the southwest of Lefkada and has beach friendly weather from April to October with the hottest months being July and August. The temperature may touch 30 degrees during this period. The beach area itself is huge with a clear coastline of about 2.5 Kilometres. Cruise ships frequent this area quite often as the sea is deep. If you are a luxury traveller then Villa Paraskevi would be an excellent option for you whereas Lonion Star or Villa Magemenou are well suited for a budget traveller.

Cala Xarraca, Ibiza

We know Ibiza is more of a fun and frolic destination where party does not stop. But we just found a beach for you where you can indulge in some “me” time or take your party to this beach to give it a “Private beach party” touch! Cala Xarraca is a tiny yet exotic beach with crystal clear waters and is still relatively hidden from most of the tourists who usually head towards south of Ibiza. Its beauty is breath-taking right from morning until the sunset.

Cala Xarraca

If you fancy mud baths then this is a perfect place for you where you can get that spa feel for free! The mud bath is known for its healing and soothing properties. It has rocky terrain and lush green forest cover around it. So right from Emerald green to Sapphire blue, this beach offers it all. There is a seafood restaurant named after this beach where you can taste the freshest of fish, squids etc. The accommodation is not available on or near the beach but in Portinatx or Sant Joan which is about 5 kilometres from Cala Xarraca.

So this is our list of best beaches in Europe, some of which are popular tourist destinations and other unknown, unexplored and almost virgin. Take your pick or just hop on to each one of them, after all these are five beaches, five countries and numerous experiences to take home!