5 Best Etruscan Archeological Sites For Tourists In Tuscany

Etruscan Archeological Sites For Tourists In Tuscany

Tuscany. the center for producing world famous Italian wine is a place which is favorite to tourists from all over the world. Tuscany has a colorful multicultural history. The first people to inhabit Tuscany were the Etruscan. Later it became a colony of Roman empire. In the medieval ages Tuscany came under the possession of local Tuscan people. From 19th century several sites have been discovered around Tuscany which give evidences of lost Etruscan civilization. These archeological sites are must visit attractions for a tourist who has interest in early history of Tuscany region.

Here Are 5 Such Etruscan Archeological Sites For Tourists In Tuscany:

1. The Necropolis of Chiusi

Most of the Etruscan archeological sites that have been discovered In Tuscany show large cemeteries or necropolis. One of such places is the necropolis of Chuisi that was discovered in late 19th century. The most remarkable thing about the Etruscan tombs here is the paintings or fresco visible in the walls of the burial chambers. In Chuisi the most famous tomb, the Tomb of the Monkey contains such interesting paintings inside.

he Necropolis of Chiusi

2. The Necropolis of Volterra

The necropolis of Volterra does not contain any pictures or fresco in the walls like necropolis of Chuisi. Rather this cemetery is famous for its archtectural excellence. These more than two thousand year old tombs are built in such a way that give evidence of architectural skills of Etruscan architects. The  circular or square burial chambers with pillars made of sandstone in Chiesa di San Giusto and Marmini di Sotto are most famous.

The Necropolis of Volterra

3.  The Necropolis of Vetulonia

Vetulonia is a small  developing city of Tuscany that has number of ruins from Etruscan, Roman and medieval period. There is a museum in Vetulonia that has many interesting exhibits for tourists.  There is a burial site of Etruscan time in Vetulonia also. The most interesting fact about this Vetulonia burial site is the discovery of some statues made of stone with the tombs. These statues can be seen in the  Tomb of Pietrera that can be dated back to 7th century BC.

The Necropolis of Vetulonia

4.  The Archeological park of Accsesa

The archeological park of Accesa in Massa Marittima is actually a place for nature lover with green vegetation and lake. Here in this park signs of ancient Etruscan habitat have been discovered by the archeologists. The Etruscans who  lived here use to earn their livelihood from local mineral deposits. There are remnants of burial sites are also discovered in this archeological park.

The Archeological park of Accsesa

5.  The Archeological site of Fiesole

The archeological site of Fiesole in the vicinity of Florence contains remnants of Etruscan as well as Roman age. A stone temple of Etruscan age is discovered in Fiesole.  It was built in 4th century AD. Only the stone walls are discovered which have a foundation that is made of pure earth. There are Etruscan burial sites that can be visited by tourists in Fiesole also.

The Archeological site of Fiesole

So you are planning to visit Tuscany soon. You have interest in its ancient history too. Then kindly visit the Etruscan sites depicted here in this list.