5 Best Indie Bookstores In Sydney

Indie Bookstores In Sydney

Books are loved by everyone. It is also characterised by favourite pastime and a best friend of a person. Sydney is a happening place for book lovers! Here you will get publications from authentic and top notch writers at a cheap price. As a hub for books, you will find here a wide range of books on various topics like fiction, children books, academic, comic, novels, biographies, epics, astrology and many more conveniently. You are definitely going to be tempted browsing through their rich collection of books all at one place. In addition to this their pleasant service, disciplined arrangements, efficient book keeping management skills, well-conditioned books and calm atmosphere makes reading and purchasing of books a wonderful experience.

This Article Will Help You Find Out Five Best Indie Bookstores In Sydney:


Berkelouw book store tops our list. This is one of the biggest book stores in Sydney that spans across three wide floors of the building. It lies in the prime location of the city so you won’t find any problem reaching here. This is a one stop shop to look for numerous brand new collections and used books written by various writers and on various topics. All the three floors are filled with books with a dedicated section for elegant gifts too.


Potts Point Bookshop

People love those book stores which are located at a peaceful and serene place. If you are one of them then this book store will be the best for you!!This peaceful place provides locals, tourists and curious book lovers a clean and quiet place to immerse themselves in the world of books. Looking at the choice of people, they curate their collection on a regular basis so as to offer something for everyone. You can choose to gift any of these books to your friend who is passionate about reading.

Potts Point Bookshop


This is a very old book store that has been running since thirty years now. It has a vast collection of second hand and used books. Most of the books available are non-fiction, classic and modern literature. This is the best place to find books for your children. It has a complete range of stunning and interesting collection of children’s favourites.


Galaxy Bookshop

If you are crazy about sci-fi and fiction based books and novels then visit this book store!! This book store holds an incredible collection of two lakhs books along with DVDs and collectibles. You will find a collection that is beyond your imagination. For fiction and thrill lovers, this is the most spectacular book store and a dream for literature lovers.

Galaxy Bookshop

King’s Comics

As the name suggests this bookstore has mesmerising collection of comic books of popular super heroes like phantom, doremon, scubbydooby doo, harry potter, spiderman etc. Besides this, King’s Comics also stock a huge section of graphic novels and children books like art books, drawing books, puzzle books, text book sand story books with DVD’s also.

King's Comics

Reading books are always fun and full of entertainment. A bookstore where you can be rest assured that you will get the book irrespective of the time it was released then nothing like it. These bookstores in Sydney guarantees you with the best quality and ethical collection of books that abides to the copywriting laws at an affordable price. So don’t miss to visit these stores to quench your thirst of reading!