5 Best Museums In London Which Are Free For Tourists

Best Museums In London

Tourism earns large number of foreign currency and revenues from inland for a country. So a country always tries to give as many convenience to a tourist as possible. Some countries around the world have  made entries to some of the best attractions free to the tourists. In London tourists can visit some great attractions without giving any entry fee. Entry to some great museums in the historic city is free of cost.

Here Is A List Of Such 5 Museums Which Tourists Can Visit Free Of Cost In London:

1. British Museum

The greatest museum in London is free for visitors. Erected in the middle of 18th century this museum is divided into several departments which depict that history of art, culture and technology of greatest civilizations of human race like Egyptian, Greek, Roman etc. The architecture of this museum is also quite marvelous. This museum has been renovated and modified several times with new interesting architectural additions which are also interesting attractions for tourists.

British Museum

2. Museum of London

A must visit museum for a tourist who likes to have some knowledge on the history of the city of London. Through several models of buildings, streets and other objects as well as display of items this museum gives a view of London from ancient to modern times.  Though at present two important wings of this museum which exhibit history of London dock and archeological history of the city work separately still these are connected with this Museum of London.

Museum of London

3. The Natural History Museum Of London

If a tourist has family and young children he or she should visit the Natural History Museum of London. Since the release of the blockbuster film Jurassick Park, the gallery of dinosaur of this museum  draws huge number of tourists from all over the world regularly. The other must visit attraction of this natural history museum is the gallery where all specimens collected by Charles Darwin are on display. The building itself is also spectacular to look at.

The Natural History Museum Of London

4. The Victoria and Albert Museum

With  145 galleries this is one of the biggest museums of arts in the world. Normally called  V&A, this museum has more than 4 million of art objects from four major continents of the world. The art objects cover interesting interior decorations from ancient to modern times. A must visit museum for art and craft lovers.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

5. Science Museum

Mankind is  very much depended on science and technology in modern time. London has a seven storied science museum that has covered the evolution of science from ancient to modern times. The interesting thing about this museum is that it has  one of the major parts of the space rocket Appollo 10 as exhibit. The other interesting attraction of this museum is the new communication gallery where the evolution of information and communication technology is featured. The gallery of medical history chronicles the evolution of medical science. It is  another important addition to this museum.

Science Museum

If you are visiting London shortly kindly visit these important museums where entries are free.