5 Best Sites To Experience Royalty In London

Sites To Experience Royalty In London

There was a time when almost half of the world was under the rule of royal power of England. But times have changed. Royalty is there but England is a democratic country now. Still the royal family and its past attract attention. Many travelers who visit London try to have a glimpse of this royalty of present and past.

Here Are 5 Best Sites For A Visitor In London Where He Or She Can Experience Royalty Of Past And Present:

1. Buckingham Palace

This palace is the home of England’s present queen Elizabeth two. This palace was actually built for Duke of Buckingham. Later  king George three acquired its possession for his queen in 18th century. Thus the tradition of royal staying in Buckingham palace started. Now tourists can visit some parts of this palace where they can see several objects and rooms connected to the royal family. The change of guards of this palace is another added attraction.

Buckingham Palace

2. Kensington Palace

Prince Williams, his wife Kate Middleton and their children are perhaps the second best royal family which is popular worldwide. The family lives in the Kensington palace in London. That is why this palace attracts a large number of visitors regularly. The state rooms in this palace are open for public. There is a beautiful garden for nature loving tourists also.

Kensington Palace

3. Banqueting House of Whitehall Palace

The banqueting house of the historic Whitehall palace is the place where many royal banquets and social gatherings took place in the past. Still royal social programs are held here. Travelers can visit this only surviving section of the palace to have a glimpse of royal grandeur there.

Banqueting house of Whitehall Palace

4. Windsor Castle

This castle can be called the second home of present queen. She is from this family of Windsor too. She likes to spend her every weekend here. Windsor castle was used as the place to take refuge for royal family during war and other political disturbances. Now some parts of this castle  like the great park and the royal hunting ground in front are open for tourists to see.

Windsor Castle

5. The Tower of London

Tourist who has interest in royal wealth can visit the Tower of London. This castle has a museum that exhibits some of the greatest wealth of British royalty which will mesmerize the visitor. Apart from this this castle is one of the most famous castles of Europe that has architectural and strategic castle building excellence. Besides this castle was the prison for many illustrious royal as well as important political people. Some of the prisoners like Anne Boleyn were executed here also. Believe it or not, there are several stories of ghosts of those executed royal people hover around this castle. A must visit royal place for a tourist who has interest in British royalty.

The Tower of London

So you are visiting London shortly. You have interest in British royalty too. Then you should not miss the places depicted here in the list.