5 Best Wine Bars In Shanghai

5 Best Wine Bars in Shanghai

China is becoming one of the popular wine-loving country and Shanghai being the epicenter is also under the same influence of the wine enthusiasm. Many wine bars are opened recently all over the city to cater the high demand of the people from the newbie wine drinkers to the expert ones.

We Have Listed A Few Of The Best Wine Bars Which Can Be Visited When In Shanghai

Dr. Wine:

Dr. Wine is the solution for all patients suffering from wine desires in French style when in Shanghai. Dr. Wine is a lively, hip wine bar in bistro style. This wine bar has a stylish ambiance with a mix in the interior decor of the French style antiques and Chinese style roof-tiles, having the heavy wooden floor. The wine list in Dr. wine is really impressive about 130 items where one can get to choose from the white, roses, reds and the sparkling wine options available in this wine bar varying in prices from low to the sky-scraping. The ground floor is a little buzzy as it has the main bar counter and couches whereas a few tables are available upstairs for raucous groups. Out of the available food items at Dr. wine, pizzas are good to try.
Dr. Wine: Le Bistro du Dr. Wine
177 Fumin Road near Julu Road, Jing’an, Shanghai, China

Dr. Wine

Wine Must:

Wine must be one of those newly opened wine bars of Shanghai, which has the perfect ambiance to sip the best quality wines. The name of this wine bar holds a meaning, it means The ‘must’ which is the first product of wine preparation, it is fresh fruit juice containing all parts of it, the seeds, the skin. The idea behind the ‘ Wine Must ‘ is to provide you the place where you can enjoy the final product. This wine bar gives an option to choose from a wide variety of classic French wines and also wines from all around the world in a dim lighted, trendy bar having a huge terrace. The perfect location and the ambiance of this place make it a hidden paradise. Wine must come alive at night where people come to have after-work drinks and on weekends it becomes a family place. The drinks can be paired up with delicious French cuisines prepared by the well trained chef of this wine bar.Wine Must: 881 Wuding Rd, Xīn kāng lù, Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Wine Must

 Le Vin:

Le vin is one of those preferred wine bars of Shanghai, which offers a small, warm and comfortable bistro- style wine bar, unlike the bustling bigger wine bars. They offer a wide variety of the French wine and also the best of the Italian foods is served here. The specialization of Le vin is exclusive Old World and other Italian wines along with complimentary salami, parmesan and bread and the best- served beef stew, oysters, and home-made truffle sauce. Le vin shuffles the menu every two weeks to offer something new to the customers and also to keep the menu fresh. The recommended drink to try in Le Vin is Sauvignon Blanc paired with delicious seafood salad.
Le Vin: 224 Jinxian Rd, Lu Wan Qu, Shanghai, China

Le Vin

Roosevelt Wine Cellar:

Roosevelt Wine Celler comes first in the list of the largest wine reserve bars. They have an entire floor of the eight-floor building occupied by about 4000 wine bottles from around the world. The interior of Roosevelt Wine Celler is very classic, it reminds of Old World wine vault having big stone windows. The wine bar offers the provision to become a member of the wine club, as well the non-members can also enjoy the amazing dinner with wine at the open rooftop or at the cellar. Few celebrities are also the members of this amazing wine bar, to name a few Jackie Chain and Tony Blair have their name in the list. This wine bar organizes Wednesday tasting Nights where they offer selective wines for tasting at a low cost. They have exclusively designed Cigar lounge, private banquet rooms for the members.
Roosevelt Wine Celler: 2/F, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, Shanghai, China

Roosevelt Wine Cellar

Just Grapes:

Just grapes is a place for everyone from the young to the classy people. This place is just the right choice for the casual drinkers. Just grapes have different labels for the wine which defines the flavor of the wine like fresh, smooth, special, rich or any other combination. The wine can be consumed at the restaurant on the second floor, which has a peaceful ambiance and can be purchased from the bar available at the first floor making it accessible for everyone. The wine menu contains a wide variety of classic European bistro and others at a reasonable price. Just grapes serve the French food like the very tasty Pizza, lasagna, tart tatin.
Just Grapes, 462 Dagu Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu, Shanghai, China

Just Grapes

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