5 Most Interesting Museums In Qubec City

Most Interesting Museums in Qubec City

It is always an extraordinary  experience to visit a museum because each museum has a distinct style, characteristic and  content. The subject of museum in each city vary from each other. These subjects can  be arts, sports, culture or history of a place. Québec city is a place for many interesting museums where one can learn about the history, culture and art of the city.

Here Are The 5 Most Interesting Museums In Qubec City:

1. Des beauxarts

This museum was started in the year 1933 and was started by the government of the Québec province. The attractions in this museum are natural science, fine arts, and national archives. However, now the museum focuses mainly on art. It has a collection of Québécois art starting from : pre-1900 to post-2000. There are 20,000 art works in 12 galleries inside the museum. There is also a gift shop and a cafe inside the musuem where one can have lunch.

Des beauxarts

2.  Museum of Albert Gilles Art of Copper

This is a small museum which is famous for repoussé art. When the metal embossing art is dissapearing, this museum has kept it alive. As the name says, the museum was founded by a Parisian artist, Albert Gilles who did churchwork in around 60 churches. Most of the things here are made up of copper and metal. The staffs also teach you repoussé art on request which you can try yourself. There is also a shop and a tea-room inside the museum.

Museum of Albert Gilles Art of Copper

3. Morrin Centre

This museum has a cultural base specially for the people who speak English in the city. One can find special events, workshops and seminars here. There is a library inside where there is a huge collection of books, reference materials and historic documents. All these are in English.

Morrin Centre

4. Bon-Pasteur

This museum is named after the lady Marie Fitzbach. In 1850, a refuge was opened by her for some women specially those who had no support or were just out of prison. Fitzbach’s group was called Bon Pasteur. In the museum one can find religious history and social history.


5. De lAbeille

This museum is all about the history of bees. Beautiful exhibits show how people used to deal with bees in earliest days. The museum also depicts how honey collecting and beekeeping has changed. You can even join a bee safari inside and watch the hives and enjoy the action. There is also a boutique inside where one can have food like pastry and sweets.

De lAbeille