5 Most Picturesque Bridges In Maine

Picturesque Bridges In Maine

Your vacation in Maine will be incomplete if you have not visited its bridges. Travelers cherish the moments they have spent on these bridges which give them an unforgettable experience. Obviously, a place which is near the sea is bound to give you postcard-perfect bridges. While some bridges are historic and rustic, others look very modern with amazing monuments. Many locals and travelers treat these bridges as landmarks where they love to take photographs.

Here Is The List Of 5 Most Picturesque Bridges In Maine:

1. Penobscot Narrows

Penobscot Narrows is built 2120 feet above the Penobscot River. It is a reliable connection between Prospect and Verona Island. It also houses the Penobscot Narrows Observatory which is the tallest observatory in the world. It stands at a height of 420 feet and offers breathtaking views of Penobscot Bay, River and other places. Loved by travelers and locals, this bridge has gained a lot of popularity.

Penobscot Narrows

2. Bailey Island Bridge

It is one of the most popular sites in Maine which has been photographed quite often. Connecting Bailey Island to Orr’s Island, this bridge looks impressive with granite slabs designed beautifully into an arc shape. There are spaces in between for the tides to come and go. This bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Maine.

Bailey Island Bridge

3. Deer Isle Bridge

If you want to go to Deer Isle from mainland, then this bridge is the perfect way to reach there. In fact, it is the only connection between these two places where you can go by car. It crosses Egemoggin Reach and has a suspension design.

Deer Isle Bridge

4. Artist’s Covered Bridge

This beautiful bridge is just postcard-perfect. Located near Bethel, the bridge is named after sketchers and painters who have an easel nearby. The bridge was constructed in 1872. It was primarily dominated by the artists and not opened for traffic for many years.

Artist’s Covered Bridge

5. Acadia’s Stone Bridges

Acadia is located beautifully in Mount Desert Island. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., built a carriage road system of 45 miles so that cars can move freely without any barrier around the Island. There are 17 stone bridges which make the place look very attractive and most photographed. These days, events like cross-country skiing and biking are also held here.

Acadia’s stone bridges