6 Best Architectures In Barcelona For Tourists

Architectures In Barcelona For Tourists

Some important cities in the continent of Europe have interesting and colorful historic past. Most of such cities were colonies of the great Roman empire at the beginning. When Rome became weak these were invaded by barbarians mostly Goths. Later local warlords used to fight for the possession of the territory before getting conquered by other big invaders from outside. Barcelona the second most important city in Spain has such a colorful history that resulted in several architectures with mixed cultural influences all around the city. These architectures attract large number of tourists from all over the world regularly to Barcelona.

Here Are 6 Best Architectures For Tourists In Barcelona:

1. Santa Maria Del  Pi

Barcelona has several big and small churches all around the city with mixed architecture. One  of such churches is  Santa Maria Del Pi. This church is actually a 14th century structure which has local Catalonic influence mixed with with Gothic  style. Renovated several times this church has interesting carvings inside for tourists.

Santa Maria Del  Pi

2. Palau Guell

Antonio Gaudi was one of the famous 19th century architects of Barcelona who designed several buildings which are now considered post modern masterpieces. This place is a big palace which Gaudi designed for a wealthy local lord. This is one of the heritage sites declared by UNESCO. Fine post modern designs are there which once entertained wealthy local lords  now attract tourists.

Palau Guell

3. The Columbus Monument

A fine 19th century architecture which was erected to commemorate the discovery of the great sailor Christopher Columbus. Designed by Gaieta Buigas this 60 meter high column has statue of Coloumbus at the top while there are several other statues in the lower part of the great column. This column can be sighted far from the city also.

The Columbus Monument

4. The Forum of Culture

Erected in 2004 this modern building is the site for international exchange of cultures in Barcelona. Built over a large area of land this building looks like a giant hanging triangle which has convention center,  auditorium and exhibition halls inside. The power which runs the whole building comes from a solar panel that is massive in size.

The Forum of Culture

5. Sagrada Familia

The massive church, last masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi which remained unfinished when he died in an accident. A mixture between modern with Gothic architecture Gaudi had completed only 20% of this architecture. Construction is still going on. But what is there is enough to mesmerize a tourist for sheer size and marvel of design.

Sagrada Familia

6. The Agbar Building

A massive municipal building with 34 stories which supplies water looks like a giant cylindrical bullet from distance. This 142 meter high building made of concrete, iron and glass has more than 4000 windows all around it. A must see for visitors who love architecture.

The Agbar Building

If you have a plan to visit Barcelona shortly, do not miss the places depicted here in this list.