6 Best Babymoon Destinations That You Can Pick

Travelling is one of the perfect ways to create memories of a lifetime. However, apart from regular trips every year, there are certain situations where travelling becomes all the more special. In such cases, it becomes a challenge on which destinations to pick that can lead to a smooth and ideal travel. Among these, honeymoon is one of the many frequently used terms where the couple is travelling together for the first time and need to pick the most romantic places around the globe.

With growing trends, there is one novel term that defines travelling for most women in the form of babymoons. This is a trip that is usually planned by the couple just before there little one is about to arrive. In simple words, it is the last getaway that is relaxing and romantic for the couple before the baby is born. To help all the couples out there with the best options, we have this guide below that can give you the top notch babymoon destinations in the world to pick from: –

The Bahamas

For those with an extravagant budget definitely consider one of the most relaxing and peaceful destinations in the world. Yes, we are talking about none other than the Bahamas! This is especially valid for people who reside in the East Coast. The awestruck beaches and the relaxing resorts is something that will help you pamper your senses and simple relax. There are a number of islands that you can pick from.

the bahamasTry not you add too many islands in your itinerary for exploration. This will give you ample quality time to enjoy and let loose.

As for the activities, there is nothing better than spending time on the beach or walking with your partner looking at the nature’s landscapes. This is definitely one place that will give you the true essence of a babymoon. For this reason, it is one of the most deserving destinations in such a situation.

Venice, Italy

USA might be one of the standard destinations where most of the couples want to travel but then there are a lot of places that offer a completely different atmosphere and culture that you would love for a change. Where the continent of Europe is concerned, Italy and especially Venice is the ultimate place to be.

Venice, ItalyThis is a truly romantic destination and will help you live your dreams and the memories of honeymoon once again. The exclusive gondola ride and the enriched history of the place will surely mesmerize you and make your babymoon memorable. Apart from this, you get the best Italian cuisine and gelatos here to fulfil your pregnancy cravings. It is undoubtedly one of the satisfying places to explore on a babymoon.

Caribbean Cruise

There are loads of cruises to choose from where the babymoon is concerned. Also, taking a cruise trip is an ideal idea in such a situation. However, while choosing, you can pick Caribbean Cruise if you do not have a budget to look into. As for the substitutes, Bermudan and Asian cruises are also perfect choices to make.

Caribbean CruiseCaribbean cruise will take you to some of the most renowned destinations of the world, especially that of USA and Canada along with giving you the moment of pleasure and relaxation on a cruise. It is simple home away from home. Caribbean cruise is pure indulgence and the right choice to spark up that romance. However, the only drawback is that the cruises do not allow women who are above the 24th week of pregnancy and therefore it needs to be an early babymoon. This is valid for all cruises around the globe.


Another of the hotspot destinations not only for honeymooners but also for all the babymooners who missed out on the opportunity the first time is the one and only Miami. This glamorous city is all that you would expect and more! Starting from some exotic beaches to amazing shopping options for shopaholics, it is a perfect one to opt for.


There are upscale designer boutiques as well for those who do not consider budget while shopping. Apart from this, there is more to discover in this beautiful city. There are museums and parks where you would love to go. Plan the itinerary well beforehand to ensure a smooth experience. Want more? You have some of the finest restaurants offering great and mouth watering cuisines for the mother-to-be and for all her cravings!

Spa Resorts

Now this is something that might have a generalized approach but then is one that you can choose according to the place you reside in. Spa resorts offer different kinds of massages and treatments that can help you relax the body, mind and soul. What more can a mother-to-be expect? This is supposedly one of the best options to consider for a babymoon. You have innumerable spa resort options available all around the globe that you can pick according to your budget and needs.

spa resortspart from that, spa resorts have a very comfortable and peaceful ambience which is the need of the hour for an expecting mother who is undergoing so many drastic changes and need some stress relievers. You can choose any destination that falls close to your residence and does not call for much travel. This will also save you from the tiredness of the journey and give you more time to spend on the holiday than the travelling.

New York/Seattle/Chicago

For those who are looking towards a variety of options and activities at one place, there can be no better option than visiting a grand city of the US. Starting from New York to Seattle and even Chicago are many of the good options to pick from. Try and visit only one city if you do not want to stress yourself with the efforts of travelling. Any of the famous cities of the world can be picked from.

new yorkThis will give you a lot of things to do on your list. From museums to theatres and from picnics to theme parks, there is a lot to do in such cities. For those couples who are looking for safe adventure during their babymoon, this final option seems to be a perfect choice to make.

These are some of the places that will help you make the most out of your babymoon and in a way that will be unforgettable!

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