6 Best French Restaurants In Paris

French Restaurants In Paris

French cuisines are famous worldwide not only for sophistication but also for the amazing French dining experience and the style of cooking. French cuisines always sound fancy, harmonious with elegance and at the same time reminds of Paris.  Paris has copious of restaurants available for all income groups from budget to pricey. Listed below are few best French Restaurants of Paris, which can be included “must visit ” list when planning a trip to Paris.

Here Are The 6 Best French Restaurants In Paris:

1.) Septime:

Septime is famous for the innovative French cuisines. The restaurant has  a well-designed dining hall, rustic farmhouse decor, music and a beautiful open kitchen which makes your food experience interesting. It is one of the busiest French restaurants of Eastern Paris, where you might have to wait to grab a table at the restaurant which is truly worth the patience and time. The must-try dish of the restaurant is the Poached egg with corn and Parmesan.
Septime – 80 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France.
Price – €35-50 (US$46-66)


2.) L’Astrance:

L’Astrance is one of the hidden gem restaurants which has made its name in the top 50 Restaurants of  the world for the last 8 years. The restaurant has adopted the modern style of cooking French cuisines along with modern dining hall. The restaurants offer you the “no-menu” concept, which means the kitchen team will design the menu for you all the customer has to do is decide the  number of courses. The restaurants  require reservations to be made in advance as the waiting time can go up to more than a month. The signature dish of the restaurant is the lobster tail, hollowed-out eggshell cups, raw mushrooms with hazelnut oil.
L’Astrance- 4 rue Beethoven Paris, France.
Price – fixed-price lunch 70€, 5-course lunch 120€ and the 7-course dinner 210€-290€.


3.) Bistrot Paul Bert:

“Bistrot”, originally refers to a small restaurant, which serve the French style home cooked food with coffee or wine. Bistrot Paul Bert gives the authentic and classic French dining experience reminds of the old time Paris. The ambiance and decor like over sized napkins, vintage plates, chalkboard and the traditional menu make it completely authentic. They serve the best wines and have an elongated menu to choose from. The famous dishes of the restaurant are streak frites, Paris Brest puff pastry,and apple tart.
Bistrot Paul Bert -18,rue Paul-Bert, 75011 Paris France
Price – €35-50 (US$40-66)

Bistrot Paul Bert

4.) Les Papilles:

Les Papilles is a classic bistro and is it comes in most charming restaurants of the city. The chef of the restaurant had the vision to open a restaurant which gives a casual, affordable and the customers can enjoy a convivial relaxed ambiance. This place comes in must visit restaurants in Paris for their customer service, the top-notch quality of French wines. The menu is fixed which comes in a different combination of starters, desserts. The choice of ordering starter and main course or main course and dessert is available. The items in the menu to be tried are flavorful cauliflower soup, roasted duck with spices, Ambert cheese with prunes and panna cotta with strawberries.
Les Papilles -30 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris France
Price – €33 (US$44) fixed menu, €7 (US$9) corkage fee, wines €20-60 (US$27-80)

Les Papilles

5.) Le Stella:

Le Stella is one of the “true Parisian brasserie”, where you eat with lots of locals. The ambiance of the restaurant is completely old fashioned in the silk-stocking. They are open all day and all seven days till late and always noisy, the ambiance is not fancy, but the traditional dish menu with fine service and food makes it rich and elegant in the other way. They locals enjoy the French food with the families. This place is called du gueule, which means ” the real” by the French. The dishes served are outstanding in taste which includes seafood dishes also. The must- try item are Escargots, Sole Muniere, and Steak au Poivre.   
Le Stella- 133, avenue Victor Hugo, Paris, 75016
Price-  Average per person €45

Le Stella

6.) Les Tablettes:

Les Tablettes is one of the finest restaurants in Paris, which has the serious dressed-up culture. The modern basket-weave interior designed by famous French interior designer and excellent contemporary French cooking and menu makes it a perfect choice for experiencing the French Cuisine.  The food creation is Mediterranean inspired present in a  very elegant dining hall along with well aware, informed and helpful service which makes people spend high prices to have this pleasant experience and makes it ” one of the best finds of Paris”. The signature dish of the restaurants is the Macroni with black truffles and foie grass, veal sweetbreads with lemon caviar, green chartreuse souffle, yogurt sorbet is another signature dish. It is suggested to book a table in advance.
Les Tablettes- 16 ave Bugeaud,75116 Paris,France
Price – Lunch menu €58; tasting menus €80, €120 and €150; à la carte €90

Les Tablettes

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