6 Best Haunted Sites For Tourists In London

Haunted Sites For Tourists In London

Man is always fascinated by ghost stories and stories of haunting by ghosts. That is why world’s most famous tourist places have haunting attraction for tourists. London is an old city and historical place which has several stories of ghosts and haunting associated with several places . Tourists who visit London take haunting tour around the city to see such places.

Here Are 6 Best Haunted Sites For Tourists In London:

1. The Tower Of London

The tower of London is one of the prime attractions of the city. This old royal palace has blood stained history of imprisonment, torture, execution. This dark history has given birth to stories of ghosts and haunting. Famous ghosts like Anne Boleyn ( beheaded in the tower ), Lady in white belong to the Tower of London.

The Tower of London

2.  50 Barkeley Square

Home of old and antique book sellers Maggs Brothers this house has earned notorious haunting reputation from 19th century. Several deaths have been reported here also. Mysterious malevolent apparitions are seen here. A major attraction for tourists in London who love ghost stories.

50 Barkeley Square

3.  Covent Garden Station

London has some tube stations which have stories of ghosts.  People claim to have seen an actor who was knifed to death near Adelphi Theater in late 19th century near Covent Garden Station. Another such story of haunting is also reported from Farringdon station too.

Covent Garden Station

4. Hampton Court Palace

in 2003 world was stunned to see a CCTV footage of a shadowy figure in 16th century costumed from Hampton Court Palace in London. This royal palace belonged to king Henry VIII who punished  her wife Catherine Howard severely. He even put her to death. Ghost of  Catherine Howard is a frequent visitor to Hampton Court gallery.

Hampton Court Palace

5. The Langham Hotel

This hotel came into news very recently when some cricketers of England team reported uncanny feeling in the rooms they were staying.  But ghost story and haunting reports are no new thing to this hotel. Boarders and guests had reported seeing mysterious figures in the hotel in past. Room no. 333 is said to be the most haunted room in this hotel.

The Langham Hotel

6. Highgate Cemetery

People call this place the ideal set for a horror movie . This old cemetery  has graves of famous personality like Carl Marx and is full of Gothic structures,  old architectures among overgrown greenery.  People claimed to have encountered an apparition with glowing red eyes and mysterious creature here.  Close encounter with a vampire in Highgate cemetery once rocked the media in England also.

Highgate Cemetery

So if you are visiting England and have interest in ghost stories then you can visit these places in London from the list.