6 Best Places To Experience Shakespeare In London

Experience Shakespeare In London

London is a place which different tourist visits for different reasons. Some visit London for its historic and royal heritage, some visit it to see the beauty of the river Thames. Apart from these a large number of tourists visit the place for its literary heritage. They come here to visit Oxford and Cambridge Universities as well as to experience Shakespeare. There are a few places in and around London (from birth place to historic theaters) where a literary minded tourist can experience Shakespeare.

Here Are 6 Such Places Where A Tourist Can Experience Shakespeare In London

1. Stratford-upon-Avon

No Shakespeare experience in London is complete without visiting his birth place the small town of Stratford-upon-Avon near London. This picturesque small town has the house where the famous playwright was born and spent early parts of his life. There is an exhibition of art works on Shakespeare and other  contemporary works for visitors to see.


2. Royal Shakespeare Company or RSC Theater

Now  some theaters where a tourist can enjoy the flavor of a real Shakespeare drama. The world famous RSC theater company has its base in Stratford-upon-Avon. After getting shut down in 2007 this theater has reopened again in  just a few years ago. This theater holds shows of Shakespeare dramas regularly in Stratford as well as in London along with works of other dramatists also. It is the best place for a tourist who wants to view a Shakespeare drama while staying in his birth place.

Royal Shakespeare Company or RSC Theater

3. Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, London

The historic Globe theater of London was erected in 1599 where shows of most of the plays of William Shakespeare were held. This theater was closed and opened several times. Then in 1997 a newly restored Globe theater was built in the place of the original titled Shakespeare’s Globe. Without any doubt it is the best place to view Shakespeare in London.

Shakespeare's Globe Theater, London

4. Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

This theater is an indoor theater that is built recently on a plan that is centuries old. It is situated beside the historic Globe theater. If some Shakespeare loving visitor has the intention to view representation of Shakespeare’s sonnet in candle light, he or she can pay a visit to this place.

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

5. Minack Theater, Cornwall

An unique place to experience Shakespeare. The Minack theater is situated  in Cornwall beach outside London. This theater organized regular shows of Shakespeare’s plays to celebrate 450 th birth anniversary of the playwright last year.

Minack Theater, Cornwall

6.  Regent’s Park Open Air Theater, London

Situated in Queen Mary’s garden, this open air theater, started in 1932 holds shows of Shakespeare’s plays time to time. Besides film shows  also take place here.

Regent's Park Open Air Theater, London

So you are visiting London shortly. You are a fan of William Shakespeare too. Then kindly visit the places depicted in the list.