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7 Authentic Indian Cuisines Restaurants In Delhi

Authentic Indian Cuisines Restaurants In Delhi

Delhi is the first love for all the food lovers. Delhi is the perfect place where all the famous cuisines be it Global or Regional are available at ease. There are all varieties of restaurants present in Delhi, which serve authentic Indian cuisines from Mughlai dishes of North India to Udupi dishes of South India. The worldwide famous Tandoori Dishes, especially Tandoori Chicken originated from Delhi. The Delhi Hatt, State Bhawan, Connaught Place and Chandani Chowk are must visit areas for all the people looking out for delicious food.

Restaurants Serving Authentic Indian Cuisines:

1.) Moti Mahal, Daryaganj:

Moti Mahal is one of the finest chain of restaurants present all over the India and even have some international branches serving true North Indian authentic food. Moti Mahal is the originator of the divine tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and bheeja fry. Moti Mahal was established post – independence and is one of the oldest restaurants in Delhi. It is said correctly visiting Delhi without tasting the authentic Punjabi delicacies the trip is not complete. They serve the best butter chicken, which is the must try and it is beyond any comparison. The cost for two people would be around Rs 1200.

Moti Mahal, Daryaganj

2.) Dum Pukht, ITC Hotels:

Dum Pukht is basically a technique used to cook meat, mixed with herbs and spices in a round, heavy, covered pot on the slow fire for the long duration. The meat gets cooked in its own juice and it is very aromatic and flavorful. Dum Pukht, is named after this is a royal Awadhi cuisine, they serve the best and unforgettable kebabs and biryanis. Dum Pukht is listed in the top fifty Asia’s restaurants. The amazing ambiance of the restaurant has blue and white colored theme, with traditional Indian style ‘Dastarkhan’, near the sitting area. They not only serve tasteful food but give you an experience which is beyond the satisfaction of appetite. The cost for two people would be around Rs 5000.

Dum Pukht, ITC Hotels

3.) Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Connaught Place:

Hotel Saravana Bhavan makes its place in one of the best vegetarian restaurants and also the authentic South Indian food. This hotel has one of the largest chains of restaurants in India as well as abroad. They are also one of the oldest and most popular restaurant among all the income group. They serve the best mouth- watering crispy dosas, unforgettable rasam, and other divine delicacies. The cost for two people would be around Rs 600.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Connaught Place

4.) Punjabi By Nature:

Punjabi by nature serve the best Punjabi cuisines with great passions and warmth as the name suggests. They serve the traditional cuisines in the authentic way and also give a twist to the flavors, which makes them unique in that way. The must- try dishes are Dal Makhani, Raan-e-Punjab and roasted lamb’s leg, which is truly the all-time signature dishes. The twisted flavor includes the vodka panipuri, which is a modern touch to this famous street food. They are opening multiple branches in Delhi and they have contemporary decor and dim light gives an experience which will make the visit worth. The cost for two people would be around Rs 1500.

Punjabi By Nature

5.) Karim’s, Jama Masjid:

Karim’s is listed as one of the attractions of Delhi, it is heaven for all the non-vegetarians which serves simply the most delicious and authentic Mughlai food. They have opened a chain of their outlets in Delhi, all over India and even abroad. The restaurant is a must visit to experience authentic dining for foreigners and locals as well. The Jama Masjid outlet of Karim’s is about hundred years old. The must- try dishes are juicy tandoori chicken, smoky dry mutton burra kebabs, lip smacking tandoori fish. Karim’s have maintained their quality, taste over years, which makes them stand out of the crowd. The cost for two people would be around Rs 800.

Karim's, Jama Masjid

6.) Varq, The Taj Hotels:

Varq is one of those restaurants where the tradition meets innovation. It has made its name in Asia’s top fifty restaurants by serving the Indian street food in an experimental way, set in a sophisticated and a spectacular dining room. They have created a hand-picked menu for desserts and tea. This is the only place where you can enjoy the chocolate coated Indian ice cream, green apple Kheer, a variety of flavors of jalebi and various other surprising menus. The cost for two people would be around Rs 3500.

Varq, The Taj Hotels

7.) Dakshin, The Sheraton:

Dakshin is another popular restaurant which offers authentic South Indian food. They are famous for a variety of dishes, especially dosas. They cover a wide range of menu from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andra Pradesh. They also serve some very delicious crispy prawns and veinchina mamsam which is a lamb dish. They always ensure the best taste and source the spices from that particular region, they use special vessels which are traditionally used in that area to cook the cuisine. The cost for two people would be approximately Rs 3700.

Dakshin, The Sheraton

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