7 Best Bookshops For Tourists In London

Best Bookshops For Tourists In London

There are a very  few tourist places around the world which have great writing and academic heritage.  London is one of such places that has great literary heritage. This historic city has given birth to many renowned poets, playwrights, writers and scholars. There are world famous educational institutions like Oxford and Cambridge near London. For this reason London has number of great bookshops with rich collections of books on different subjects scattered around the city for book lovers. A tourist can visit these bookshops if he or she wants to have a taste of literary heritage of London.

Here Are Such 7 Bookshops That A Tourist Can Visit In London:

1. Daunt Books

A traveler can start his or her bookshop tour in London with this famous bookshop on Marylebone High Street. This bookshop has a wide and very rich collection of books on travel. The books are arranged in the shop not in alphabetical order but according to the country. One can sit here, read and look at maps as long as he or she wants.

Daunt Books

2. Koenig Books

For books on art, photography as well as architecture few have a better collection than Koenig books. It has two branches. A tourist can visit its Charing Cross branch during the Charing Cross visit in London.  Big shelves along with floor of the shop filled with books on art is the specialty of Koenig.

Koenig Books

3. Foyles

Another great bookshop that is located in Charing Cross also. The astonishing thing about Foyles is  that it is four story high and has a huge collection of 200,000 books in almost every subject on earth. Besides literary meet and other cultural events take place regularly in Foyles’ auditorium.


4. Lutyens and Rubinstein

London has given birth to many great English poets and novelist or writers of children books. So a book lover who wants to visit a bookshop that has books on poetry and children stories, he or she can visit Lutyens and Rubinstein of Notting Hill, London. Another striking feature of this bookshop is the basement that is also filled with rich collection of books.

Lutyens and Rubinstein

5. Atlantis  Bookshop

London is a place of ghosts, haunting, horrible murders. It has  stories of  witches and magic also. So a tourist who has interest in such things that is occult can visit Atlantis at Museum Street in London. This bookshop is particularly famous for its collection of books on the other world.

Atlantis  Bookshop

6. Waterstone’s

The Waterstone’s, located at Picadilly is called the largest bookshop in Europe.  This remarkable bookshop has mammoth collection of books on every subject that is exhibited in its eight floors. Apart from books  bar, gift shop and auditorium for cultural as well as book launching events are also inside Waterstone’s.


7. Southbank Book Market

Though not exactly a bookshop but this market under Waterloo Bridge can be called a heaven for antique and used books. This is must visit place for a book loving tourist.

Southbank Book Market

So if you have any plan to visit London’s bookshops for its literary heritage, you can choose some from the list given here.