7 Best Family Beaches On The Maine Coast

Best Family Beaches On The Maine CoastThe Maine coastline with its amazing seascapes and wide sandy beaches offers the perfect getaway to enjoy some wonderful time with the whole family. Maine beaches are famous for their quaint lighthouses, beautiful family resorts and authentic lobster shacks. There are numerous activities, including swimming, snorkeling, hiking and paragliding, you can partake of one most family beaches in Maine. Read on to get an in depth insight into some of the glorious family beaches on Maine Coast.

Here Are 7 Glorious Family Beaches On Maine Coast

Short Sands Beach

The quarter mile long, Short Sands beach, which nestles on one side of sheer rocky cliffs and is bordered by a line of quaint Victorian style inns, is one of New England’s best summertime beach destinations. The powdery white sand, warm water and pounding surf has made this beach, which is located in Ellis Park, a popular swimming and surfing destination as well. The Short Sands beach is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some wonderful activities you can undertake with your family at Short Sands Beach includes visiting the historic Cape Neddick Lighthouse, catching a concert at the famous gazebo or even enjoying a lovely picnic with your kids on grassy lawns of Ellis park. The numerous family- friendly budget hotels and restaurants which dot the area, makes Short Sands beach a truly delightful and must visit beach destination on the Maine coast.

Short Sands BeachOgunquit Beach

Ogunquit in the native Abenaki language means ‘a beautiful place by the sea’. The pristine three and a half mile long Ogunquit beach is one of the longest beaches in Maine. What sets this beach apart from the other beaches on the Maine coastline, is its gorgeous grassy dunes. Ogunquit beach offers an impressive array of activities including rowing, body surfing and swimming. Some other fun filled family activities you can enjoy on this New England getaway include sunbathing, sightseeing, paddle boating shopping and dining. Families can also take a scenic walk along Marginal Way a beautiful trail which runs through Ogunquit beach.

Ogunquit BeachPopham Beach

Popham beach is one of the most beloved and much visited beaches on the Maine coast. Popham beach, which is situated approximately fourteen miles from the coastal town of Bath, extends all the way from Fort Popham to the entrance of the Morse River. The lovely Popham beach is bordered on the northeastern side by the historic Fort Popham, while the popular Popham Beach State park abuts the southwestern end of the beach. A popular day trip destination, Popham beach offers an array of exciting recreational activities for the whole family which includes swimming, fishing, kite flying, beach combing and even hiking. You can also explore the spectacular coastline on a rented kayak.

Popham BeachGoose Rocks Beach

The three mile long, sandy, Goose Rocks beach is one of the best hidden treasures of the Kennebunkport area. The Goose Rocks beach is named after a barrier reef formation offshore known as Goose Rocks. This wide stretch of sandy beach is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day with the family. Swimming, snorkeling, sailing, bird watching, scuba diving and beach combing are some of the top recreational activities you can enjoy with your family. Goose Rocks beach is surrounded by numerous budget hotels which offers a great vacation destination for families.

Goose Rocks BeachOld Orchard Beach

The 11.5 km long Old Orchard beach with its historic pier and beachside amusement park is one of the best family beaches in Maine. The Old Orchard beach which is an extremely popular summer beach destination is tucked away in the inner side of Saco bay. The low surf of Old Orchard beach makes it the ideal place to enjoy favorite beach activities including swimming and snorkeling. While adults can enjoy a stroll along the historic pier at the old orchard beach, the kids can occupy themselves with the Ferris wheel, roller coaster rides and carousel rides.

Old Orchard BeachSand Beach

At just under 300 yards, Sand beach is one of the smallest beaches in Maine. Sand beach which is cocooned between Great Head and Gorham Mountains is famous for its powdery pink sand. What it lacks in size, the Sand beach more than makes up for in its breathtaking scenery. The spectacular Sand beach is the ideal locale to spend some wonderful time with the family. Some excellent activities you can engage with your family on this lovely beach include swimming, hiking and sunbathing.

sand beachScarborough Beach State Park

Scarborough State Beach Park is famous for its white sandy beach and its awesome sunsets. If you are planning a lazy day on the beach then you should definitely head out to the Scarborough beach state park. Swimming, sunbathing, paddling and beachcombing are some of the relaxing activities you can enjoy at Scarborough Beach State Park. The miles of pristine shoreline makes this beach the perfect place to enjoy long walks as well.

Scarborough Beach State Park