7 Must Visit Attractions For Film Buffs In Los Angeles

Must Visit Attractions For Film Buffs In Los Angeles

Los Angeles the glittering city in the western coast can be called the entertainment capital of US. Los Angeles or LA is the place of world famous Hollywood that produces English language movies for movie fans around the world. There are studios, film related attractions and residences of movie stars in and around Beverly Hills, LA that make it a favorite spot for tourists.

Here Are 7 Such Film Related Attractions In La For Tourists Who Are Film Buffs:

1. The Egyptian Theater

This movie theater is modeled on elements from ancient Egyptian culture. That is why it looks beautiful and attractive. But it is also a place of heritage. From 1922 premiers of many Hollywood classics had taken place here. That is why the place is completely restored and special exhibitions still take place here for audience.

The Egyptian Theater

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Actually a tourist can visit two places at the same time while visiting Chinese theater where premiere of Star Wars had taken place. The most enthralling attraction near this theater is of course  the Hollywood Walk of Fame where one can view hundreds of imprints of  hands and signatures of famous movie personalities. A must visit place for a real movie lover.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

A film loving tourist can visit the Hollywood forever cemetery and pay respect to the late stars like romantic icon Rudolph Valentino, Jayne Mansfield, Douglas Fairbanks etc. The  last resting place of the great Hollywood showman and director of ‘Ten Commandments’ Cecil B DeMille is another attraction of this place.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

4. Universal Studios

Famous production as well as distribution company of Hollywood Universal Studios has produced many block busting feature films for film buffs around the world. A tourist who is a  fan of films like Psycho, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Despicable Me etc can not miss this studio and its several rides based upon block buster films.

Universal Studios

5. Trip To Hollywood Stars’ Homes

If a tourist wants to see where famous Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Katy Perry etc live in Hollywood, he or she can join the Hollywood stars’ homes trip. A guide always remains with the tourists to point out the houses of the stars.

Trip to Hollywood stars' homes

6. Paramount Pictures Studios

It is very hard to find a person who does not like the Oscar winning blockbuster Titanic.  The ride in this studio ( which produced Titanic ) shows locations and other productions facilities which are used in the production of films like Gladiator, Braveheart, Star Trek etc to tourists.

Paramount Pictures Studios

7. Margaret Herrick Library

For a movie lover who is a bit academic minded this library maintained by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is a treasure of elements like original scripts of classic movies, photographs, stills, costumes, written records etc. The library has digital collections also.

Margaret Herrick Library

So you are visiting LA shortly. You are a film buff too. Then you should not miss the places depicted here in this list.

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