8 Best Budget Restaurants In Delhi

Budget Restaurants In Delhi

Contrary to popular belief, money is not a limiting factor when you want to visit the yummy restaurants of Delhi. The capital is famous for its luxurious lifestyle and its pomp and show, but it also boasts of eating joints that are affordable and keep your taste buds happy. Here is a list of the best budget restaurants in Delhi that serve tasty food at a reasonable price.

Here Are The 8 Best Budget Restaurants In Delhi:

1. QD’s Restaurant

Situated amidst the noise of GTB Nagar, Delhi University, this restaurant is famous for its signature dish – tandoori momos. QD restaurant is ranked as the best-loved momo joint in South Campus. The outer crust of their momos is hard and spicy and the insides are soft and gooey. They are also known for some other dishes – Chicken tikka, Crispy Chilly Potatoes, Fruit beer, and Classic Frappe. The service and very good and meets the college going students demands. It is reasonably cheap and you can have a delicious meal here in less than Rs 300.

QD’s Restaurant

2. My Bar Lounge

What do you do when you have an intense craving for alcohol and tasty nibbles to as accompaniments, but don’t have enough money in your pocket? The solution is to visit My Bar Lounge and Restaurant. It is filled with enthusiastic patrons who want an affordable lounge in Connaught place. They are open from 11am to midnight and serve Mughlai, Chinese, and North Indian food. They are well known for their mushroom bruschetta, cheesy bites, and dahi ke kebabs. You can have a tasty meal here in less than Rs 300.

My Bar Lounge

3. Big Yellow Door

This restaurant in North Campus provides sophisticated seating and delectable food at a stomach-happy price. It opens early at 8 and closes late at 11pm. They are well known for their butter chicken, chicken wings, and innovative drinks. One of these is rocky road shake, a mojito and lime soda. The place is very comfortable and really lively. One can enjoy their quick-bite meal at just Rs 250 or under.

Big Yellow Door

4. Bromfy Public House

This is a popular place to hang out until very late at night. It is located amidst the hustle-bustle of Kamala Nagar, North Campus. Bromfy Public House is filled with students who come to enjoy the rock music and trendy ambience. Its best known dishes are its non-veg platter and its honey chilli potatoes. All kinds of parties can be held here – a birthday bash with your family, a post exam party with your college mates, a small get together with your friends. You can relish all kinds of cuisines – North Indian, Italian, and American. These are available for a pocket-friendly price of under Rs 300 per person.

Bromfy Public House

5. Karim’s

Nahari means lamb shank and paaya means a goats hoof. Karims cooks this delicious combination for a number of hours in rich gravy and then serves it with a hot, fluffy tandoori roti. Paya Nahari curry costs only Rs 180 for a full plate and Rs 8 for a single piece. You can round off the feast with Phirni for Rs 25. This is one meal you can’t afford to miss when you are in Delhi.


6. The Kathi’s

This restaurant has been around since 1998 and is well known as the house of kathi kababs. Its chefs are originally from Kolkata, from where the kathi kababs originated. It serves a huge variety of the best and incredibly delicious veg and non veg kathi kababs. Kathi really knows how to make their customers happy. It is a small sized, open air place which is well known for its chicken roomali roti, double chicken kathi, and nine-inch kashmiri kathi. Among vegetarian dishes, they are known for their paneer tikka kathi and paneer roll. You can devour a complete meal for just Rs 200 or less.

The Kathi’s

7. 34, Chowringhee Lane

This is the place to relish authentic Kolkata rolls. 34, Chowinghee lane is situated in the middle of South Campus and the rolls are very popular with the campus students. The students of Venkateshwara College love the aloo roll, paneer roll, farm fresh egg roll, mutton kheema roll, vegetable roll, and chicken roll. You can enjoy a meal consisting of kebabs and an appetizer costing under Rs 200. Learning about the rates will bring a smile to your face.

34, Chowringhee Lane

8. Al Rashida

If you want to try kebabs, you simply cannot miss Al Rashida. This dhaba is known for the best galawati kebabs in Delhi. The Mughlai food available here gives tough competition to other well-known eateries situated at Jama Masjid. The beef kebabs cost Rs 8 a piece and simply melt in the mouth. They remind you of old Lucknow. You must try the beef kheema, beef galawati, and chicken galawati. The price of a meal for two will be about Rs 200.

Al Rashida

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