8 Best City Tours In London

City Tours In London

Different tourists have different  tastes. Some like to visit places with natural beauty like sea beaches, forests, hills, gardens while others like places with historic background, art, culture and education. London the capital city of England is one of the few cities of Europe where tourists can have a taste of great historic past with glorious culture and education. There are several places in and around London which have  historic as well as cultural background. There are several tours for tourists so that they can pick any one of their convenience and enjoy the places in London. Here are 8 such city tours in and around London that can be helpful to a tourist.

Here Are The 8 Best City Tours In London:

1. Hop On Hop Off  Bus Tour For Sightseeing In London

If a tourist has short time to visit the attractions in London He or she can avail the red double decker open roof city bus which provides stormy tour through the city. This tour is being offered to the tourists in three different forms i.e. Red, Yellow and Blue route, each ranges from 2 to 2hrs 15 mins. Major city attractions like Piccadilly circus,  Trafalgar Square,  Tower of London, Westminster bridge, Big Ben and parliament, Charing Cross, Buckingham palace etc are covered in this bus tour. A  ride through river Thames is also included in this tour.

Hop on hop off  bus tour for sightseeing in London

2. Tower of London Tour

The Tower of London is perhaps the greatest historic attraction of London. This famous castle is one of the fine  medieval castles of Europe that has infamous past. Still for tourists who love history (and have some time in hand), a 4 hr long tour  is organized. It shows the towers of the castle as well as its priceless collection of royal jewelry.

Tower of London tour

3. Buckingham Palace Tour

Again for the tourist who has some time in hand this 4 hr and 30 minute long  guided tour shows state apartments of the palace, the very pleasant St. James’ park and change of guards.

Buckingham Palace Tour

4. Helicopter Tour

For tourists who want to have a different perspective of the city of London, an 18 minute helicopter tour is there. Some top attractions of London are shown to the tourists from air on this tour.

Helicopter Tour

5. Harry Potter London Walking Tour

If you are a fan of Harry Potter books and film series you shouldn’t miss this walking tour through London. This tour covers the places and locations depicted and used in the books and films of Harry Potter series. Additionally tourists also can learn the history of old London from this guided tour.

Harry Potter London Walking Tour

6. Horror and mystery Tour of London

For tourists who want to have a glimpse of scary, uncanny London can take a vintage bus tour. The bus takes visitors to some places where several tortures had taken place, famous serial killer JacK the Ripper had committed heinous crimes. The tour ends with a nice refreshment in Sherlock Holmes pub.

Horror and mystery Tour of London

7. Oxford, Stratrford-Upon-Avon Tour

This is the greatest around the city tour in London. This 10 hr long tour takes a visitor first to Oxford the almost thousand years old educational institution. Then the visitor is taken to Stratford-Upon-Avon the small town where William Shakespeare was born. The tour ends with a visit to the medieval Warwick castle.

Oxford, Stratrford-Upon-Avon Tour

8. The Stonehenge Tour

The Stonehenge is one of the greatest mysteries of the world that stands on Salisbury plains outside London. Theories like astronomical observatory, ancient place of worship to site for alien landing have been put forward over the years in support for this thousands of years old unique rock structure. A 5 hr long tour is organized from London for tourists to see the place.

The Stonehenge Tour

So if you are planning to visit London you can avail any or some of the tours from this list.