9 Best Budget Restaurants In Shanghai

9 Best Budget Restaurants In Shanghai
Tasting the authentic Chinese dishes are always a mouth-watering experience. China is famous for the wide range of delicious and cheap dishes. The very famous and authentic soup dumplings, soups, noodles are a complete treat to the taste buds. Shanghai has various small and cheap food joints which are liked by the locals as well as the tourist who wish to try some authentic Shanghainese dishes. The list below comprises of budget restaurants in Shanghai which can be visited for taste some authentic food at a low price.

Here Are The 9 Best Budget Restaurants In Shanghai

Yang’s Dumpling, Shanghai:

Yang’s Dumpling located at the Huanghe Road is popular for its authentic Shanghainese food at a very less price. Yang’s Dumpling is one of the famous and successful fast food chain in Shanghai. Yang’s Dumpling offers the very healthy and tasty pan fried dumplings which are the favorite of the locals as well. Most of the orders they receive are for takeaways. They have the famous crispy pan-fried dumplings and the cooking of the fresh batch can be seen through the open kitchen which is a common style in almost every local restaurant.

Yang's Dumpling

Jiajia Tangbao, Shanghai:

Jiajia Tangbao is another restaurant located on the Huanghe Road in Shanghai, in fact, it is just opposite to the Yang’s Dumplings.This restaurant offers the best and the must try ‘soup-filled dumplings’. They are a small outlet having various branches opened in the city. The restaurant is always crowded, but usually the waiting time is not more than 20 minutes. Like most of the local restaurant in Shanghai the JiaJia Tangbao have an open kitchen.

Jiajia Tangbao

Lanting Restaurant, Shanghai:

Lanting Restaurant located on the Sangshan Road in Shanghai serves the best authentic Shanghainese dishes. There is a long queue with lots of people waiting outside the restaurant for their turn, as this is a small restaurant with about six dining tables offering tasty authentic food at a reasonable price. The must try dish of the restaurant is Ji Gu Jing (Chicken Bones in Sauce), Yellow Croaker Fish.

Lanting Restaurant Shanghai

Taikang Tangbaoguan, Shanghai:

Taikang Tangbaoguan restaurant located on the Nanjing Road in Shanghai is another popular budget restaurant in Shanghai. Taikang Tangbaoguan comes in the list of those restaurants which serve the mouth-watering dumplings along with Yang’s and Jiajia. They serve the modified and modern version and one of the best soup filled, juicy and delicious dumplings. They have made some changes in the traditional recipe as they don’t add meatball in the soup inside the dumplings.

Taikang Tangbaoguan

Lvya Restaurant, Shanghai:

Lvya Restaurant located on the Jiangxi Zhonglu in Shanghai.
The location of the restaurant is an added advantage for its popularity as it is located near to the Bund’s shoreline. Along with the best location, they serve the authentic and tasty Shanghainese food at a pocket- friendly price. The ambiance of the restaurant is simple and crowded with people as it is famous among the locals. The much eaten and popular dishes are You Bao Xia (Flash-Fried Shrimp), Sixi Kaofu (Spongy Gluten), Mian Jin (Fish Gluten), which can be enjoyed at a very reasonable and affordable price. The restaurant is liked by the locals as well as the tourist to taste the authentic local food.

Lvya Restaurant, Shanghai

Mia’s Yunnan Kitchen, Shanghai:

Mia’s Yunnan Kitchen located on the Anfu Road in Shanghai. They are one of the preferred restaurants when it comes to cheap, tasty, healthy Chinese dishes. Mia’s Yunnan serves the best noodles, dumplings and many dishes focused on the Yunnan’s people like tofu with chives, a salty cured ham, mint salad. The decor of the restaurant is simple yet elegant with wooden tables, floors and designer pillows.

Mia's Yunnan Kitchen, Shanghai

Di Shui Dong, Shanghai:

Di Shui Dong located on the Maoming S Road in Shanghai is the favorite of the and the tourists traveling to Shanghai. Di Shui Dong is the preferred choice as it serves the Hunan flavored sour and spicy dishes and beer at a very cheap price, which makes the places always crowded. People gather here to celebrate parties and group dinner as it comes friendly to pockets.

Di Shui Dong, Shanghai

 Cha’s, Shanghai:

Cha’s restaurant is located on the Sinan Road in Shanghai. Cha’s dining style is inspired by the Hong Kong’s cha canting which is a Cantonese dinner and is served in a casual way as all day eatery along with tea and coffee. They serve the very delicious pineapple buns along with tea. The ambiance of the restaurant reminds of 1950’s with old music, green-white tiled floor. This place is not suitable for the health cautious people as they serve the food full of calories, soya sauce chicken which can be easily found here.

Cha's, Shanghai

Grape Restaurant:

Grape restaurant located on the Xinle Road in Shanghai. Grape restaurant serves the delicious and affordable Shanghai Benbang cuisines. The restaurant is visited by the locals as well as the tourists as it located at a convenient place which makes it easily approachable. The decor of the restaurant is very simple and bright with bigger tables in the front and other tables in the small space making it look like a grape cluster.

Grape Restaurant

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