9 Best Classic Restaurants In Chicago

Classic Restaurants In Chicago

Chicago is a hub of many classic restaurants. Though the arrival of new and upcoming food joints has given a backseat to classics but there are still many restaurants in the city that talk about the dining history of Chicago. If you are a foodie and like to visit some old restaurants, then go through the below-mentioned list of restaurants and make your choice.

Here We Talk About 9 Best Classic Restaurants In Chicago:

1. Manny’s Cafeteria And Delicatessen

This place is loved by many food lovers including President Barack Obama.  Just try its delectable signature sandwiches with corned beef and Thousand Island dressing. Established in 1942, this amazing place is popular among many politicians, A-listers and cops. The cafeteria is owned by a family and is a hot spot for food for last many years.

Manny’s Cafeteria And Delicatessen

2. Gene & Georgetti

Established in 1941, Gene & Georgetti is one of the finest classic restaurants in Chicago. It is a favorite among oldies and now the younger generation also likes to enjoy the delicious food here. Check out its Garbage Salad which is topped with radish, mozzarella, salami, red pepper and cocktail shrimp.

Gene & Georgetti

3. Super Dawg

It is a hot dog joint which came into being in 1940. The joint has not made any changes in the menu and kept it original. There is a wide variety of burgers, hot dogs and malts to choose from. Do not pass by this place without trying their signature item, Superdawg, and also chocolate shake. As it is a drive-in, the service is quick and efficient.

Super Dawg

4. Twin Anchors

Established in 1932, the restaurant is known for its meaty pedigree. They are known for serving delicious pork ribs which you will never get anywhere in the town. The ribs are smothered in sauce and coated with brown sugar, ghost pepper and black pepper. The restaurant also offers around 15 varieties of beer.

Twin Anchors

5. Billy Goat Tavern

This classic restaurant came into being in 1934.  It is a favorite food joint for tradesmen and journalists who love to pass their time during lunch or at dinner. With a number of delicious items on its menu, this place is one of the best classic restaurants in town.

Billy Goat Tavern

6. Schaller’s Pump

Schaller’s Pump is an old-school restaurant which is serving its customers since 1881. Though there is nothing fancy about the bar collection but you will definitely fall in love with the food. If you want to visit an old, quiet and simple place, then this restaurant is your right choice.

Schaller's Pump

7. Daley’s Restaurant

Though the restaurant came into being in 1892 but its current structure was designed in 1918. It serves delicious breakfast at affordable rates. However, a simple look at the menu for dinner will surely entice your taste buds. It includes chicken wings, fried chicken, red pepper vinegar which is worth tasting.

Daley's Restaurant

8. Green Door Tavern

The building, in which the restaurant is housed, was constructed in 1871. However, the restaurant came into being in 1921.  It still serves the same food which was served at its inception. Come over with your family or friends and spend a relaxing afternoon or evening.

Green Door Tavern

9. Won Kow

The very name, Won Kow, makes you remember the tempting Chinese food. Started in 1927, this place is located in Chinatown. It serves Americanized Chinese food which is loved by both Americans and Chinese. You must try sushi and dim sum whenever you visit this place.  Come here once and you will definitely fall in love with the place.

Won Kow