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9 Best Pubs In Sydney

Best Pubs In Sydney

The pub life in Sydney is quite an interesting one. It includes many heritage pubs and small venues as well with arrangement of live music. The most utilized spaces are the balconies, roof terraces and courtyards.The city’s climate is just right for the mood. Local wine or cold beer with a delicious meal is just a perfect addition to the list.

Here Are The 9 Best Pubs In Sydney:

1. The Australian Heritage Hotel

This is one of Sydney’s oldest pubs. The Australian Heritage Hotel is an old tourist spot, and has a pub that people in Sydney want to visit frequently. Instead of traditional pizzas here, they prefer flavours like tandoori chicken, smoked salmon, refried beans, Peking duck and chilli beef. The pub also has a collection of craft beer with which what goes best is the local jerky which is too spicy.

The Australian Heritage Hotel

2. The Balmain Hotel

In this hotel, each room has a different theme which reminds of children’s party themes. The bar for the visitors is an open space with a floor made of and downstairs is all about vintage décor and cocktails. The sitting room is more like a loung. Outside of the hotel, it is complete garden party with rainbow umbrellas, festoon lighting and floral upholstery. Peking duck buns are served alongwith drinks. It is not that busy during the week but on weekends, it is seriously busy. There is a friendly environment for children and dogs and at the same time there is a different arrangement for men who crush each other into the dirt during a game. On Thursdays, the best thing served here is dumplings.

The Balmain Hotel

3.  Bald Rock Hotel

This is again one of the old pubs. The main bar is made up of sandstone blocks which are quite heavy. The beer garden has concrete floors and potted plants. The dining area is basically a black banquette with nice table settings. Available here are Carlton, Reschs, Guinness, Bulmers, New, Pure Blonde, Peroni and Fat Yak. They have made some real changes in the kitchen. On Tuesdays, they host movie nights, arrange live tunes on a Saturday and trivia on Thursdays. They are dog friendly. The menu is changed regularly but most popular is the pub sandwich the beef pie soaked in a rich gravy and topped up with cheese. The speciality of the pub is they change things that are actually required and keep the rest intact.

Bald Rock Hotel

4. The Bank Hotel

This late-night hotel is situated on King Street. The front bar is almost a sports bar during most of the nights. There is a seat in the open window for viewers to watch. But during weekends, the picture changes. There is a beer garden with a roof alongwith arrangements of heaters for chilly evenings. The menu consists of cold beers and spiced meat.

The Bank Hotel

5. The Bayview Hotel

It is quite an expensive Hotel and very spacious at the same time. to be found Around the central gas fireplace, the seats are cosy where you can spend some time quitely. There is also some arrangement for comedy gigs and on Saturday nights there is arrangement for live music. The menu consists of crisp dumplings, prawns, hot dogs, bacon as bar snacks and beer-battered fries.

The Bayview Hotel

6. Courthouse Hotel

This old pub is comfortable, warm, and spacious for everyone. The outdoor space is too big and is twice the size of the indoors. The beer garden is where you would love to be under the sun. It is a place where you can find beers and burgers. They have Young Henrys, New Carlton, Reschs, Fat Yak and Stone and Wood. The Courty has a menu containing the course with fish, chips, Courty burger schnitties and steak, and also green beans with almond and fetta as a beer snack.

Courthouse Hotel

7. East Sydney Hotel

This is again a cool old pub situated on on Crown Street corner. They have no pokies, theme and pretensions. Draught beer is served by the fireplace and for entertainment, there is arrangement for weekly live tunes. The little dining room looks more like a country teahouse, whereas simple bar food is found in the public bar.

East Sydney Hotel

8. Forest Lodge Hotel

This hotel is like a diamond in the rough. From the outside it looks quite simple, but inside there’s plenty of space, good food, great craft beer collection and a warm welcome. They prefer local brews like Gang of Four, Wayward, while Coopers, Murray’s and Badlands, New, Reschs and Modus Operandi. It is a family-friendly environment. The menu is again too good containing pizzas, burgers, pasta, salads, hot sambos and steaks and on Wednesdays, the special attraction is a fiver with a meatball roll.

Forest Lodge Hotel

9. Erskineville Hotel

The hotel has some great arrangement like old chesterfield sofas in the lounge high tables and a jukebox. There is a outdoor deck with festoon lighting, a picnic tables. The main bar is a big open space in the forest green. There are TVs up high on the walls and projector screens to watch and enjoy big games. Mostly served are Matilda Bat, Feral, Stone and Wood, Young Henrys, Lord Nelson, Reschs and New. They have their own carpark making it easy for everyone to drop by.

Erskineville Hotel

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