5 Best Destinations To Visit In Spain

5 Best Destinations To Visit In Spain

5 Best Destinations To Visit In Spain

Hearing the name of this country, you would be very familiar with the football team and famous bull fights that you see in movies. Yes, Soccer is the most popular sport with Real Madrid the most popular soccer club. Just a piece of information, the name Spain is derived from ‘Ispania’ meaning ‘land of rabbits’. It is the first country in the EU to ban smoking in workplaces and bar. It also produces around 44% of olive oil in the world. So what are you waiting for? Come, let’s discover the culture by visiting the various places.

Here Are Some Best Destinations To Visit In Spain:


For you all football fans, visit the FC Barcelona museum at Camp Nou. It is the most liveable, energetic cities having the best urban beach in the world. Do have a stroll through the 2 km long ‘Las Ramblas’ where you get to see street performances and have a cup of coffee. You must visit the 984 m Antoni Gaudi’s ‘La Sagrada Familia’ cathedral which took around 200 years to build it. Also miss out the ‘Columbus Monument as well. If you do come during September then you won’t miss out the ‘La Merce’ festival. By having a look into the streets of Eixample the cut off corners of the streets grid and splendour of modern architecture you get inspiration for new ideas.

Barcelona Granada

Situated in the foothills of Sierra Nevada Mountains, had many medieval architectural examples of the Moorish dynasty. The most important monument is the AlHambra, a hilltop fortress, built by the Nasrid dynasty, which encompasses royal palaces decorated with Arabic inscriptions and rectangular courtyards, Generalife fountains, orchards, patios and pools.The cathedral is in the centre of the city. Don’t forget to see the Royal Chapel which is a museum having collections of relics, paintings, portraits, ornaments dating to the 15th century.

Granada Sierra Nevada

Want to go for skiing or trekking, come to highest mountain peaks at Sierra Nevada. To the east of Granada is the National Park which faces the Mediterranean Sea has number of highest peaks and a rich collection of flora and fauna. Here too, you would experience the freshness of the thermal springs and spa at the Alpajurras, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Seeing the small white houses on the slopes, groves of almond trees and lazy goats grazing on the slope is a sight to behold.

Sierra Nevada Seville

Situated in the GuadalquivirRiver, has many World heritage sites within every 4 square kilometre. Some of them are the AlCazar palace, Cathedral (known to contain the remains of Christopher Columbus), Giralda and the general Archives of Indies. The city has experienced various civilisations where reminisce are distinctly visible. If you are visiting during April, then you are sure to witness the week long colourful Feria De Abril festival on the banks of the river. So join in with the night long party experiencing the Sevillanos dressed in their flamenco and dancing, drinking Jerez, eating tapas and Manzanilla wine.

Seville Guggenheim Museum

For art lovers, this is a place you must visit. The Museum, in Bilbao, built along the Nervion River features the modern and contemporary art designed by architect Frank Gehry. Of its 24,000 sq. Meter, 11,000 are dedicated for exhibiting space. Moreover, built using limestone, glass and titanium, the building is a bouquet of fish tails. This landmark of audacious configuration brings out the innovative designs and motivates for incorporating new cultural building techniques. Besides this, you get to enjoy a plate of pintxos (an appetizer) with a drink before the main course of a wide variety of cod recipes.

Guggenheim Museum