5 Best Places To Visit In Albania

5 Best Places To Visit In Albania

5 Best Places To Visit In Albania

Seeking for a real European Adventure? Then you can’t miss Albania to highlight in your options if you are planning for a vacation. People who are fond of wild nature, glamour of lands, peace should surely take a chance to explore Albania. Simply Explore the Albania, with amazing scenery, romantic beaches, ritzy culture, Albania tour is a camping destination. Albania’s panorama is unusually varied browsing from the wild nature to the peaceful stay on the beaches that are nearly long. Albania’s places can be summed up as an enjoyable stop for adding wonderful memory to the family fiesta. Let’s have a glimpse of some beautiful places in Albania.

Following 5 Best Places To Visit In Albania:

Albania Beaches – You Can’t Miss The Beautiful Snap

The seashore in Albania can compete with any creature or fascinating stuff that is raised in Europe. Covering around 362km of margin, beaches are unfolding both Ionian and Adriatic Seas. Beach lovers have heaps of sandy shots to choice for. Seafronts in Albania, places the Ksamili, Himara and Dhermi beaches as a point of attraction, which makes tourists to stay for long. You can have an exclusively colourful experience while staying in the beach at Dhermi that passes a crystal clear and gleaming version as of Aquarium.

Albania Beaches - You Can’t Miss The Beautiful Snap

Apollonia – Titled After The God Apollon

You can treasure the traces of ancient town, in the middle of Albania. Apollonia is counted as the bulkiest and foremost city in the ancient world. Well, if you have stepped in the city just keep on watching beautiful temples, the attracting theatre halls and remarkable libraries. The rotted mansions and the triumphal arch also can’t be skipped. The site from the hillocks to the countryside is worth it as well.

Apollonia - Titled After The God Apollon Durres – Plan Your Holiday For Fun

A huge city Durres, is the second largest urban of Albania that covers nearly 33 km and is implicitly an addition of capital Tirana. It is the most esteemed embankment city in the country. If not only standing towards economic viewpoint for the Albania, but also ethically it is a capital. Celebrations and socialising events and feast, engages the place annually. Amphitheater, plays an crucial role in these ceremony which can’t be slipped is also an interesting and appealing part of the city. The thrilling antique monuments could provide space for approximately 20.000 people in the past and still can be look up today. Apart from the cultural events and historic places Durres could be ticked for the beaches that can make your weekends very special.

Durres - Plan Your Holiday For Fun Gjirokastra – City Of Stones

The exclusive architectural style of the assets voted Gjirokastra city as the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Tourists can move around the historic museums, bursting theatres and other spiritual places that can be counted in diverse numbers. City of Stones ceremonialize folklore feast in every 5 years, which is the best part of the entire season. Balkan Architecture is the name given to these designs that wraps small castle like houses fashioned by stone.Gjirokastra is situated off- centre to the hill and the distinct quarters are linked with the beautiful roads.

Gjirokastra - City Of Stones


Kruja is a town located 20 kilometers northeast from the capital. It is situated at Skanderberg-mountain’s side. The most essential building in the city is the Kruja castle that is a national sanctum. It includes the Skanderberg museum that is redolent of the war took place in this area.