5 Best Places To Visit In Japan

5 Best Places To Visit In Japan

5 Best Places To Visit In Japan

The ‘land of the rising sun’ has lots to offer to the world at large ranging from rich culture and history to sushi and other pescetarian cuisine. Japan has over 16 World Heritage sites including, but not limited to, the famous Himeji Castle, Nikko Shrines and Temples, Ujigami Shrine, Shiretoko Peninsula, etc. The country has also persistently managed to keep its head up (and then some) despite all the natural disasters it has had to face in the past.

Here’s A List Of A Couple Of Places To Visit In Japan:


This is a city of rich colors and contrast between the ancient and the modern Japan. Especially good for people seeking higher education (University of Tokyo), or amazing food and night life or karaoke bars. Tokyo, much like Massachusetts, is a melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles. It’s like a mini-Japan – the whole of Japan encapsulated in one city. Points of interest here include the Ginza district, if you’re open to mass-shopping or visiting the local bars here; Shinjuku with its conglomerate of skyscrapers and bustling city life; Ikebukuro for all the anime and manga enthusiasts, among other places.

Tokyo Kyoto

Home to Buddhist temples and Shinto shrine, not to mention the 17 World Heritage Sites, Kyoto is the former-capital and can be said to be the ‘historical capital’ of Japan. Tradition and cultural heritage best describes this city of Samurais. It provides you with an opportunity to experience an array of things, be it the traditional dance performances or the romantic atmosphere.

Kyoto Hokkaido

The second largest island of Japan provides you with a whole different set of experiences. Owing to its cool (summer) and icy (winter) climate, Hokkaido allows you to take part in various activities like snowboarding, skiing, rafting, canoeing, mountain climbing, etc. The scenic beauty is a big bonus for all of you photography enthusiasts. It also offers natural hot springs and onsen ryokari (traditional hotels with attached hot springs) and a variety of festivals, such as the Sapporo Snow festival and the Autumn Fest, which will leave you with a long-lasting energetic aura.


Hyogo Prefecture

Located in the Kansai region, the Hyogo prefecture is famous for its Himeji Castle (World Heritage Site). For a breathtaking view in spring, driving down to Himeji city to witness this monument in awe is a must in any traveler’s list. But that is not all there is to it in this prefecture; it also has a number of museums, such as the Kobe City Museum and the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. Matsuba crab, Tajima Beef and Izushi soba are the local delicacies that will make you never want to leave this place. Festivals include Kobe Festival, Himeji Yukata Festival, and Nada Fighting Festival, among others.

Hyogo Prefecture Osaka

One of the largest cities in Japan is Osaka, also known as the “nation’s kitchen” because of its fresh food and local cuisine. Sakura Matsuri (Cherry blossom party) is a very common part of the lifestyle here during spring time. This city is a shopping hub and sports a nightlife which comes close only to that of Tokyo’s. Fabulous food, never-ending nightlife, Heritage sites, temples, shrines? You got it. The Osaka Castle and the Floating Garden Observatory are just one of the few points of interest here. One must also not forget to try the local sake (Japanese rice wine) here.