6 Best Places To Visit In Thailand

6 Best Places To Visit In Thailand

6 Best Places To Visit In Thailand

Thailand, officially known as Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia. It is known for beautiful islands, magnificent Buddhist temples and exotic wildlife. Thai spa and massages are equally famous. Thai culture is very much influenced by Indian, Chinese and Cambodian culture. They have special shows presenting their cultural dances for the tourists visiting Thailand. Thailand has reputation of being “land of smiles”. Thailand’s cuisine is equally famous and mouth-watering. Thailand is one of best destinations to spend time with friends and family.

Places One Must Visit In Thailand:


Bangkok is famous for shopping. Chatuchak Weekend Market, SuanLum Night Market, Patpong Night, NaraiPhand are markets where one can enjoy the historical legacy of local arts, crafts, and clothes. Thailand is city of temples. At Wat Pho, one will be amazed the beauty of the 150-foot long and 49-foot high gold-plated statue of Reclining Buddha, with mother-of-pearl inlaid eyes. Tourists enjoy dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River a lot. Vimanmek Mansion, the world’s largest golden teak building was originally built as royalty mansion but now has collection of royalty memorabilia. Night life of Bangkok is equally famous.

Bangkok Pattaya

Pattaya is famous for adventure, entertainment activities to scenic beauty and sightseeing. One can enjoy awesome water sports. Enjoying the beauty of nature while jet skiing, kayaking is breathe taking. Scuba diving at off shore islands areamazing. Amazing Thai entertainment programmes, cultural dances and plays at the Thai Alangkarn Theatre are spectacular. Mini Siam is an interesting place having miniature replicas of seven wonders of world. Pattaya Elephant Park is a place one must visit. Pattaya is also very famous for its nightlife.

Pattaya Phuket

Phuket has stunning beaches with jaw dropping beauty. One can experience thrill of adventurous water sports here. PhromThepcape has spectacular view of the Andaman Sea and is a popular place where one can enjoy the sunset. Mansions and shops constructed in 19th century are still preserved whose architecture is mainly Sino- Portuguese with Mediterranean character. One can enjoy sailing and yachting here. Phuket has first class massage and spa centres. One can shop for Batik here in Phuket.

Phuket KoSamui

KoSamui sits in the bay of Thailand. It one of the most beautiful tourist destination in Thailand with beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by tall palm trees. Samui’s night life is spectacular. Samui’s famous monkey school trains monkey. Graduate monkeys are skilled to pick the ripened coconuts from trees. All their expertises are shown for diversion. WatSuanMokkh is a place where one can introspect and meditate and listen to his inner voice.

Ko Samui Loei

Loei is cities with mountains with breathe taking sceneries. One can immense himself in the beauty of PhuKradueng National Park. It is famous for red maple leaves which are considered really romantic. This park situated at the highest point of the plateau is breathing taking. PhuRua National Park is famous for its caves, rocks and waterfalls.

Loei Chiang Mai

WatPhra That DoiSuthep has a breathe taking view of the city and the surrounding countryside. This temple is climbed through 290 Naga-flanked steps. It has golden Chedi (pagoda) containing Holy Buddha Relics. This is place of attraction for thousands of Buddhists. DoiInthanon National Park is the highest altitude place of Thailand with beautiful orchids, butterflies and flora. It is perfect place for hikers.

Chiang Mai