Explore Top 10 Beautiful Places in the Dominican Republic

Beautiful Places in the Dominican Republic

Being a part of the Caribbean Republic, the Dominican Republic will offer you a lot more than you expect. From whale watching, surfing, eco-tourism to waterfall climbing, the country will offer you all the adventures you will be thrilled to indulge in. The trip is sure to please all passionate travellers. You will witness vibrancy, music and happiness everywhere you go.  It is one of the favourite destinations for couples, especially the newly wed. A trip with family or friends here is truly unforgettable. The colonial sites, the cathedrals, the historical houses will take you back to the colonial days. Malecon and Idyllic village are definitely for nature lovers, as the waterfront will provide you the best adventure sports. Tres ojos is an amazing site with underground lake and open roof. Click on the link below to discover other amazing such places.

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