Top 10 Beaches In America

Top 10 Beaches In America

Americans flock to beaches in the summer season and like to be at the shore and enjoy time there. The beaches in America offer many types of facilities so that the visitors can have a great time here. Many hotels and restaurants are located near the beach. People enjoy sunbathing on the peaceful beaches. You can enjoy activities like fishing, whale watching, biking, swimming, scuba diving and parasailing. You can play water sports like skiing.

Top 10 Beaches In America

These beaches are a perfect place for kids to enjoy. There are off shore aquariums and parks for children. Many beaches allow pets. You will have a great time exploring the shoreline of American beaches. These beaches are flocked by locals as well as tourists who come to experience the delight of American beaches. The top 10 beaches in America are as follows.

Top 10 Beaches In America

Main Beach, New York

The Main beach is situated in East Hampton in the city of New York. This beautiful beach has the facility of bathrooms, restaurant and snack bars. The beach is very safe and it has many lifeguards who move around with safety vehicles.

Main Beach

You can travel to this beach free of cost from East Hampton. The beach is peaceful and a great place for gathering with friends and family and enjoy the summers.

Kaanapali Beach, Hawaai

Kaanapali beach is situated in Maui in Hawaai. Many hotels, resorts and villages are located near the beach. An open air shopping complex and a whaling museum is located in front of the beach.

Kaanapali Beach

The main attraction of this beach is cliff diving ceremony, which is held at the time of sunset every day. A cliff diver dives from a black rock after lighting a torch near the cliff.

Siesta Key Beach, Florida

Siesta Key beach is situated in Florida. The beach is very beautiful and has white sand made of quartz. The sand is cool even when the weather is hot. The beach is very safe with shallow waters near the shore. The safety of the beach is ensured through the presence of lifeguards.

Siesta Key Beach

The beach is suitable even for small children. You can build sand castles in the beach. The beach is full of shells. You will enjoy the afternoon sunshine and the red orange sunset. The beach is a perfect spot for entertainment and dining.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is situated in South Carolina. This beach is one of the best vacation hubs. The beach has white sand. You can do fishing, parasailing, swimming and water sports in the beach. You can enjoy sunbathing and kayaking in the beach.

Myrtle Beach

You can do windsurfing and scuba diving in the beach. The beach has water parks and you can enjoy water sliding with your family. Many beach homes with all types of amenities are located near the Myrtle Beach. You can rent these homes facing the ocean and spend your vacations there.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater beach is situated in Florida. The beach has white sandy shores stretching up to three miles. The beach has many hotels, restaurants and shops in front of it. You can rent furnished vacation homes near the beach.

Clearwater Beach

You can enjoy sunbathing and beach volleyball. You can rent boats and go for fishing. You can go on cruise to watch dolphins. People who visit the beach enjoy parasailing. A marine aquarium is situated near the beach.

Outer Banks Beach, North Carolina

Outer banks beach is situated in North Carolina. The beach has a vast sandy stretch. Off-road vehicles can be used on the beach. Pets are allowed on the beach, but you have to follow some restrictions. You can enjoy jet skiing on the beach by using personal watercraft.

Outer Banks Beach

Children who are less than 13 years of age have to wear life vest if they want to ride on boat. Adaptive equipments like wheelchairs are available for people with mobility impairments. Many rental homes, hotels and resorts are situated near the beach.

Cape May Beach, New Jersey

Cape May beach is situated in New Jersey. You can watch dolphins playing in the water with the help of binoculars. Lifeguards are present in the beach to protect people. You can rent bicycle and beach gear. People who visit the beach bring food on the beach.

Cape May Beach

Shops on the beach sell pizza, cakes and hot dogs. You can park your vehicle in the parking space in front of the beach. You can bring umbrella, tents and canopies in the beach. People who have mobility impairments can use surf chairs that are available free on the beach.

Coopers Beach, New York

Coopers beach is situated in Southampton in New York. The beach has white sand and is located on the shore of the Atlantic. Historic mansions are located on the opposite side of the beach. The beach has a slope and is perfect for enjoying with family.

Coopers Beach

The beach has snack bar. You can enjoy summer concert here. Presence of lifeguards ensures safety of people who visit the beach. You can rent umbrella and chairs on the beach. The beach has facility of bathrooms and showers.

Santa Cruz Beach, California

Santa Cruz beach is situated in California. The beach has amusement park and rides for children. Santa Cruz is a family friendly beach that holds live music events in the hot season of summer. You can play beach volleyball.

Santa Cruz Beach

The beach has a charming ambience and you can enjoy picnics here. The beach boardwalk offers a wide range of dining options to visitors. Restaurants offer delicious food like sandwiches, salads, garlic fries, fish, pretzels, chicken wings, cheeseburgers, cheesecakes, sausage sandwiches, hot dogs and pizza.

Crane Beach, Massachusetts

Crane beach is situated in Ipswich in Massachusetts. The beach has soft sand and calm waters. The view of the ocean is beautiful and gorgeous. The beach has snack bars that sell sandwiches and salads. You can do hiking in the sand dunes. You can enjoy watching birds. People who visit the beach have a great time collecting shells on the shore.

Crane Beach

The beach offers a unique seaside experience. The beach is safe as there are lifeguards and rangers who protect the visitors. The beach has facility of bathhouses and showers. There are bike racks and picnic tables on the beach. The beach offers transport facilities for people with mobility impairments. There are drinking water fountains on the beach.