Top 10 Beaches in Asia

A beach is a great place to enjoy time. The Asian region has some of the best beaches. The beaches have clear waters and stunning scenery. These popular beaches are flocked by enthusiastic crowds who wish to relax and have fun. The beaches are a perfect destination for travelers looking for a peaceful place.

The beaches in Asia are extraordinary locations for enjoying vacations. The pristine beaches are quiet places where you can enjoy holidays. You can enjoy windsurfing in these beaches. The tranquil sea of the Asian beaches calls you to enjoy sunsets here. The top 10 beaches in Asia are as follows.

Top 10 Beaches in Asia

Yunokawa Beach, Japan

Yunokawa is a coastal district in Japan and has many beaches. The beaches here look charming during the winter season. This area has many hot springs near the shore.

Yunokawa Beach, Japan

The water of these hot springs contains minerals like chloride as well as sulfur. The Yunokawa beach is enveloped with snow. You can bathe in hot springs near the beaches. The hot springs have the property to heal diseases. Yunokawa beaches have picturesque scenery. There are many hotels and inns near the beaches.

Kuta Beach, Indonesia

Kuta beach is situated in Bali in Indonesia. The beach is very good for sunbathing during the day and enjoying a carefree time during the night. You can have great time in the beach by partying with your friends.

Kuta Beach, IndonesiaThere are many resorts near the beach. These resorts are for all types of budgets, both cheap as well as costly designer hotels. Many surfers from Australia visit the beach and enjoy surfing in the Kuta beach.

Patnem Beach, India

Patnem beach is situated in Goa in India. This beach is located near the Palolem beach, which is one of the most crowded beaches in Goa. Patnem beach is small and quiet. When you are in the beach, you can have a good time sprawling on beach chairs as well as hammocks while tasting the best seafood.

Patnem Beach, IndiaPeople on the beach spend time in ayurvedic massages, reading, swimming and sun basking. If you go to this beach, you can rent cheap beach huts accommodation here. You can relax and see a great view of the sunset here. The beach is warm the whole year.

Perhentian Kecil Beach, Malaysia

Perhentian Kecil beach is situated in Malaysia. The island on which the beach is situated is funky. The Perhentian beach has sandy shores.

Perhentian Kecil Beach, MalaysiaThe beach has some beach bars where you can enjoy drinks. You can play volleyball on the beach. You can enjoy scuba diving on boats and explore the underwater area of the beach.

Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

Mirissa beach is situated in Sri Lanka. This beautiful beach is located in Sri Lanka’s southern region. This beach is a great place for relaxing. You can spend time here lazily.

Mirissa Beach, Sri LankaYou can have a great time drinking beer. You can eat fresh snappers in this beach. If you want to watch whales in this beach, you should visit it during November to April.

Ta Pho Beach, Thailand

Ta Pho beach is situated in Thailand. There are many hotels near the beach. This beach is located in the Koh Kood Island. The beaches in this island are white and sandy.

Ta Pho Beach, ThailandYou can visit the Ta Pho beach from November to February. You can watch coral reefs on the beach and gaze at the stars during nighttime. Hotels and resorts near the Ta Pho beach offer an excellent accommodation for tourists.

Silosa Beach, Singapore

Silosa beach is situated in Sentosa in Singapore. The beach is lively and a fun place to enjoy and have fun. The beach is good for spending time with family.

Siloso Beach, SingaporeApart from enjoying at the beach, you can spend time in nearby attractions like the Fort, Siloso. You can also enjoy the yearly rave party, Zoukout.

Koh Rong Beach, Cambodia

Koh Rong beach is situated in Cambodia. The beach has white sand and clear water. The beach looks turquoise colored. The attractive beach has an area of eight kilometers.

Koh Rong Beach, CambodiaYou can do swimming in the beach. The beach does not have rocks and seaweeds.

Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Phra Nang beach is situated in Railay in Thailand. The beach has limestone karsts. The beach ahs white sand. You can do swimming in caves.

Phra Nang Beach, ThailandYou can also do rock climbing near the beach. The ebach is very good for picnics. You can have a great time in the beach, which remains busy during the daytime.

Pulau Derawan Beach, Indonesia

Pulau Derawan beach is situated in Indonesia. You can watch green turtles in the beach. The beach looks silvery. You can enjoy diving in the beach. You can do both wall diving as well as shore diving in the beach.

Pulau Derawan Beach, IndonesiaThere is marine life in shallow areas of the beach and reefs in the deeper areas. The beach has non-stinging jellyfish.