Top 10 Beaches In Europe

Top 10 Beaches In Europe

If you are totally bored with the mundane life and wish to spend a life away from the busy schedule of life, beaches of Europe are the perfect destinations for you. The sandy beaches coupled with the Mediterranean climate provide a perfect respite rejuvenating your lives to a huge extent.

Top 10 Beaches In Europe

The golden sand, the serene environment, the magnificent waves, the gorgeous sea and the idyllic beaches are the major attractions of the European beaches that captivate people all round the globe. Here is a list of the top ten beaches in Europe that not only provide you the perfect respite but also leave you totally mesmerized by their amazing natural beauty.

10 Best  Beaches In Europe

Torre Guaceto Beach, Italy

Torre Guaceto beach located in the south of Brindisi on the coast of Puglia in Italy is one of the top beaches in Europe. This is a natural reserve and is a well protected place where one can find perfect peace and can spend one’s holiday amidst the serene and picturesque beauty.

Torre Guaceto Beach

Generally, the beaches of Italy remain overcrowded with people, bars and parties. But, this very beach has restricted entry to all these and thus provides a wonderful escape from the crowd. This is one of the best destinations to spend your holiday peacefully.

Cala Turqueta Beach, Menorca

The white sand of the Cala Turqueta located in the north of the island of Menorca is a fantastic destination for the young couples. Away from the windy climate amidst the Mediterranean sand and shallow water, this beach provides an amorous ambience to the lovers and makes their stay enjoyable and exciting.

Cala Turqueta Beach

The food here is extremely delicious and there are several beach activities that make the overall stay in Cala Turqueta fascinating, full of enthusiasm and exuberance.

Palanga Beach, Lithuania

This beach of Lithuania is one of the busiest destinations of Europe. The Palanga beach along with the Palanga resort makes the stay of the travelers interesting and exciting.

Palanga Beach

The beautiful natural sand dunes and the prismatic sea water coupled with the splashing waves and beach parties provide a charming atmosphere all around the coast. People from all over the world hang around in the Palanga Beach with their family making it one of the top beaches of Europe.

Elafonissi Beach, Greece

One of the most dramatic and fantastic beaches of Europe is the Elafonissi Beach of Greece. The wonderful water of the gorgeous sea here is turquoise in color and the sand here is amazingly pink in color.

Elafonissi Beach

The enchanting atmosphere of this beach makes the stay of the tourists fascinating and extremely colorful. People all over the world love this beach of Greece and it is one of the best beaches of Europe.

Playa De Beach, Spain

This beach is one of the unique beaches of the world with sea on both sides making the view captivating for the tourists across the globe. The Playa beach is characterized by crystal clear water, lively environment and white sandy beaches.

Playa De Beach

The mesmerizing view of the sunset from this beach is another great attraction of the Playa beach in Spain. It forms the perfect holiday destination for families who want to spend a time full of enthusiasm, parties, vibrant colors and life.

Troia Beach, Portugal

The unadulterated sandy beach in Lisbon, Portugal is yet another captivating holiday destination. The feet sinking sandy beach stretching for kilometers impart an enjoyable experience to the people of the world.

Troia Beach

The exciting view of the cavorting dolphins just near the shores and the exciting diving along the waves across the coast of the Troia Beach make the place interesting, fascinating and popular. This beach of Lisbon is one of the top beaches of Europe.

Lara Beach, Cyprus

The beautiful beach of Cyprus is one of the best beaches in Europe. The superb view of sunset along with the colorful nest of the turtles provides a panoramic view and creates an enchanting ambience all around.

Lara Beach

Though, this place is a bit difficult to reach through a tiring trekking journey, however, the natural beauty of the beach is worth the hectic journey. Also, the serene and the peace that prevail in this beach provide the perfect escape from the mundane regular life.

Rabbit Beach, Sicily

The Rabbit Beach located in the southern part of the island is difficult to reach yet one of the most fascinating holiday destinations of the world. The Caribbean colored water and the amazing white sand are the basic characteristics of this beach of Sicily.

Rabbit Beach

This beach is only accessible by boats and is one of the few places where there are nests of the loggerhead turtles all along the coast.  This remote beach of Lampedusa provides a picturesque, scenic beauty to the travelers and is a wonderful beach to spend some quality time during the holidays to revive the spark in their lives.

Flying Buttress Beach, Spain

This beach in Galicia has a wonderful formation of rock which resembles flying buttress lending the name to the beach. This beach is also known as the Beach of Cathedrals or Playa De Cathedrals. The caves, arches and the rocky formations are the major attractions of this beautiful beach.

Flying Buttress Beach

The amazing view of the Atlantic from the top of the rock formation provides a fantastic view to the travelers. The sea here is magnificent with splashing waters. The incredible combination of sea with the rocks makes this beach popular, superb and fantastic.

Myrtos Beach, Greece

This is yet another amazing beach of Europe that forms a superb tourist destination and is rated as one of the best beaches of Europe. This beach is though not sandy but a beach of limestone pebbles.

Myrtos Beach

This makes it restricted to water sports and forms the perfect place for sun bathing, enjoying a peaceful swim amidst the serene ambience. This beach in Greece forms the all time favorite beach of the travelers across the globe.

Thus, these are some of the top ten beaches of Europe that provide the perfect holiday destinations for travelers across the world. The splashing waves, the panoramic natural beauty and the captivating beaches are the common characteristics of the beaches of Europe that attract tourists from different corners of the world and provide a wonderful respite from their routine life rejuvenating the spark in their lives and eventually lead to a fantastic and memorable holiday.