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Top 10 Best Breakfast Restaurants In Maui

Breakfast Restaurants In Maui

There is nothing like starting off a hectic and long day of sight seeing or hitting water. But for that you need to be fuelled up. To ensure that you make the most of the sightseeing and the nature in this area, you need to have a power piled breakfast.

So Here Is A List Of The 10 Most Popular And Lip Smacking Breakfast Places In The Area:

1. Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon

This one is located on the northern shore of Maui and is named after the dog of the owner. It is ideal to stop before heading to Hana and there are endless choices available ranging from pancakes to giant omelettes. There is the healthy burrito or egg Benedict available too. You will see all kinds of people here including musicians who strike a chord to provide some music.

Charley's Restaurant and Saloon

2. Gazebo Restaurant

This one is another breakfast joint located on the westerns side of the city. It is located right on the edge of the water and is basically a large gazebo. It provides great views with awesome platters.  Some of the popular delicacies here include the fluffy mac nut pancakes along with the 3 egg omelettes. For those who love their rice in the morning, there is a breakfast fried rice available. Then there is also French toast with Moloka. The best part is that most dishes are less than $10.

Gazebo restaurant

3. Cheeseburger in Paradise

For those who are planning  a really busy day ahead, this restaurant works perfectly. It is for those who believe that burger is an all time food because that is the highlight of the breakfast menu here. You can get the juiciest of the burgers here with your favourite toppings ranging from saucy meats to dripping sauce. Accompanied with drinks and some fries, this will surely fuel you up for a long day ahead.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

4. Plantation House

For those who are looking for a healthy and nutritious meal, check out the Guamosas or the guava juice mimosas served here along with the eggs Benedict. It comes with a hot seared ahi. Along whit the breakfast classics you also provision for brunch here. Since this place stays open till brunch, it is ideal for those who want to have a late breakfast or straight away opt for brunch.

Plantation House

5. Wailuku Coffee Co.

This one is located on Market St. and has some of the best hot & fluffy eggs, which are made as per your taste. It is ideal for those who are in a rush and want to opt for takeaway too. The breakfast burrito here is also excellent along with the hot coffee that gives you the much needed kick for starting your day.

Wailuku Coffee Co

6. Tasty Crust

For individuals who really want to eat like the locals and with the locals, this is the perfect breakfast place. It is situated on Mill Street to check out some of the best local delicacies here. You can pick from a range of classic fishes and eggs for breakfast.

Tasty Crust

7. Kihei Cafe

This cafe is located at 2439 South Kihei Road. And there are a range of items available here that come really economic for just $6-8. Place your orders at the counter and then simply head out to find a table with an umbrella. Be spoilt for choices here that range from classic eggs and bacon, Chinese variations and even French picks. Of course the standard burrito is available here too, which is surely a generous portion with some bacon and oj.

Kihei Cafe

8. Duo at the Four Seasons

You may be thinking that why would someone want to go to a formal place like Four Seasons for breakfast but their menu is truly a class apart. And during the wee morning hours, this place is rather casual without any formal attire. People in shorts are roaming around enjoying the buffet. Some of the delicacies here include yogurt with berries, granola served up like a parfait and pancakes that are made to order. You can also get classics like the waffles, omelettes along with french toast and excellent coffee.

Duo at the Four Seasons

9. La Provence

This is one of the recent and newest additions to the Maui area. You can come her for some lavish breakfast choices and truly fresh bread. The French bakery also has room for some fresco dining and remains shut on Monday and Tuesday. But the items here include fresh breads and bagels along with other classics like croissants and muffins that are worth trying.

La Provence

10. Grandma’s Coffee House

This one of the older places in the region that offers classic food with no fluffs. It is a breakfast that is surely right from the grandmothers kitchen. The eggs served here are high on taste and comes with de-caf coffee. You can also try other local delicacies here that are made to order.

Grandma's Coffee House

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