Top 10 Museums In Cape Town

Museums In Cape Town

One of the famous tourist destinations in the world is Cape Town. Known for its mesmerizing beauty and exotic locations, it attracts a heavy number of tourists every year. Cape Town presents its rich history, beautiful people and culture through a large number of museums.

Here Is A List Of Top 10 Museums In Cape Town:

10. Robben Island Museum

This island is popular as Nelson Mandela had spent 18 years of his life in its prison. The museum came into being in 1997 in order to show respect to the struggle of former prisoners. In 1999, UNESCO gave the status of ‘World Heritage Site’ to this island. It is recommended that you should book your tickets online in advance as they sell out very quickly. Tickets for adults are charged at R230 while for children, the rate is R120.

Robben Island Museum

9. Iziko South African Museum

A very old museum, it was established in 1825. Its aim is to provide information to the visitors about biological diversity and culture of Africa. Iziko is known for a sound booth in its exhibitions where you can hear the whales singing. There is also a beautiful display of African architecture and Renaissance too. Charges for adults are R20 while the kids can visit the museum for free.

Iziko South African Museum

8. Irma Stern Museum

Named after Irma Stern, a South African artist, this museum is built in her home. It came into being in 1971 with an objective of showcasing the life, travels and work of Irma. You will find a beautiful art collection of the artist in this museum. Charges for adults are R10 while for learners, it is R5.

Irma Stern Museum

7. District Six Museum

During the apartheid regime, more than 60,000 people of District Six community were forced to leave the place. This museum was established in 1994 to remember the struggle of the community’s residents. There is a city map on the ground floor on which ex-residents have marked their homes. Housed in an old former church, the museum looks beautiful and attractive. Tickets are sold for R30 and R5 for school kids. The entry is free for the Pensioners of South Africa. Visiting this place with your kids will give them a learning experience.

District Six Museum

6. Bo Kaap Museum

Known for its ethnic architecture, Bo Kaap museum is one of the popular museums of Cape Town. It showcases the contribution of Islam in the culture of South Africa in terms of carpentry, tailoring and architecture. Housed in an old building, the entry fees for adults is R10 while it is free for the kids. For South African pensioners, the fees is R5. This place is worth visiting.

Bo Kaap Museum

5. Koopmans-De Wet House

Established in 1914, it is one of the famous museums in Cape Town. It houses a beautiful collection of Cape silver and furniture. The museum has taken its name from Marie Koopmans-De Wet who has done remarkable work for Boer republics’ widows and orphans. If you have love for old items, then you must visit this place.

Koopmans-De Wet House

4. The South African Jewish Museum

With a beautiful architectural design, this museum is also very interactive. It talks about the Jewish history of South Africa. There are two buildings in the museum. While one showcases the general history of Jews, the other displays information about the Holocaust. There are lovely shops which sell Jewish cookbooks, ceramic Judaica, ceramic mezuzahs and books for children. You can also visit the restaurant and enjoy some lip-smacking food.

The South African Jewish Museum

3. Chavonnes Cannon Battery Museum

If you are going to Cape Town, then this place is a must-visit. There are three cannons placed outside the museum. The inside looks a lot more attractive with ancient stones, genuine artefacts, information boards displayed graphically, detailed models and careful replicas. Open 7 days a week, you will surely want to visit this place again.

Chavonnes Cannon Battery Museum

2. Cape Town Diamond Museum

If you are interested in knowing about gems and diamonds, you will love this place. You will learn about the journey of diamond from its formation to becoming a complete gem. This is shown with amazing replicas of diamonds and lovely illustrations. The beautiful architecture and design of this place will definitely impress you. Visiting this museum is quite a learning experience.

Cape Town Diamond Museum

1. The South African Naval Museum

This museum is a place worth visiting. It has a beautiful collection of submarine and ship models, a control room and operations room of the submarine, naval uniforms, naval guns etc. Apart from displaying these items, the museum also talks about the people who belong to Navy. Open 7 days a week, this place will surely give you an informative experience. Visit this museum with your kids and give them exposure about Navy.

The South African Naval Museum