Top 10 Places to Visit on Australia’s Gold Coast

Places to Visit on Australia's Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of the most fascinating regions of Australia. This coastal region of Queensland is most popular for its stunning beaches. This is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic vistas of the Australian coastline. For the adventure seekers, the Gold Coast is a great destination for surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports. However, attractions of Gold Coast are not concentrated on its beaches. There are a number of theme parks and a wildlife sanctuary where you can cuddle koalas and spend your time with kangaroos. Gold Coast is also home to Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building. The observation deck on top of the building provides a bird’s eye view of the region. To know about the top 10 must see places on the Gold Coast, visit the following link.

Weekendnotes – Top 10 Places to Visit on Australia’s Gold Coast