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Top 10 Rafting Holiday Destinations In The World

Rafting Holiday Destinations In The World

These destinations provide you an array of options for rafting, which range from half-day river trips to weeklong excursions where you can raft and also indulge in other activities. You can get packages for overnight camps or go for a day rafting spree too. If you are planning a rafting vacation to any of these top ten destinations, then research and review the available information. The world is not enough to try out different rafting terrains. There is so much to explore and so many different kinds of rapids to experiment. The selection is done based on the high currents in the river, landscape, availability of clubs and other related factors.


If you have adventure on your mind then let those daring spirits lose. A rafting holiday can be an ideal vacation choice for families. You can camp along river banks and enjoy barbecues and volleyball during the evening. Head out to these locations with a group of equally enthusiastic friends and have a blast. You can rent all the needed gear.

Here Are Top 10 Rafting Holiday Destinations In The World:

1. Zamebezi River Victoria

The Zambezi River of Victoria falls is one of the most thrilling destinations for whitewater rafting. Enjoy the cold waves as they splash and drench you. The rafting experience here is wild and aggressive. Strong hands are required on the boat as you combat high current and built-up pressure, long rapids and obstinate gradients.

 Zamebezi River Victoria

2. Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers, Alaska and Canada

The glaciers and the icebergs give way to two of the most amazing rivers in the area, which goes into the northern wilderness of the mountains along with the tundra. On the border of Alaska and Canada you experience a terrific white water ride and experience everything from grizzlies to blueberries en route.

Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers, Alaska and Canada

3. Franklin Tasmania

The Franklin river provides you with not only a sensational rafting experience but also an ecosystem environment that is clean and pristine. The hawk like activism and conservation here by the government makes it an impeccable destination for rafting with leave-no-trace campsites for accommodation.

Franklin Tasmania

4.  Colorado River Rafting

Colorado River Rafting area offers a rafting experience that you cannot forget for a long time to come. The natural beauty of the area is enjoyed by the rafters. You can a rafting experience on any of the majestic rivers including Arkansas River, the Dolores River and Colorado River.

Colorado River Rafting

5. Nepal Whitewater Rafting

Nepal whitewater rafting compares to none other. Here you would be rafting at in the highest rivers of the world. The tempting whitewater rafting experience here is rough, but equally thrilling and dangerous. The River Kosi and River Marshyandgdi are destinations for the brave hearts. This region is flocked by adventurous souls from across the world.

Nepal Whitewater Rafting

6. Australia Rainforests

The ancient rainforests of Australia are an ideal destination for whitewater rafting. Enjoy the ride on the white frothy water and scream out in excitement as you tame one rapid after the other. The popular rivers here are North Johnstone River and Nymboida River. A great way to take a break from and unwind!

Australia Rainforests

7. Costa Rica River

Costa Rica River, national park Costa Rica has plenty whitewater rafting destinations here. This area offers a complete adventure tour along with wildlife expeditions and cool waters. Head out with the paddles to the rivers like Savegre, Reventazon, Sarapiqui, and Pacuare.

Costa Rica River

8. Futaleufu River

Futaleufu River in Chile is known for its adventurous water sports other than whitewater rafting. Along the Futaleufu River you can go for mountain biking or even horse riding. But the thrill of these gigantic waves is like a magnetic pull for rafters. Bio-Bio rafting here has been getting very popular.

Futaleufu River

9. Yangtze River China

Yangtze River China is a popular destination for whitewater rafting too. The ‘Great Bend’ on this river is a popular and favorable rafting destination. Enjoy the scenic landscapes as you paddle through one of the most adventurous rivers. It has beautiful camp sites along the river to enjoy a holiday while trying out some fun.

Yangtze River China

10. Idaho River, Grand Canyon

In the U.S, Idaho River is one of the most admired destinations for rafting includes Snake River and Middle Fork of the River Salmon River. Enjoy getting soaked in the high rapids while the warm rays of the sun help you to get dry.

Idaho River, Grand Canyon

If you have not tried rafting then you don’t know what you are missing out on. These destinations are a haven for those who love rafting and should be visited at least once in their life-time. So what are you waiting, for head out and enjoy these destinations!

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