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Top 10 Things To Do At Night In Bangkok

Things To Do At Night In Bangkok

Night life in Bangkok is something that you really should not miss out on. Sleeping is something that you can do after you have this awesome night out. There are so many fun things to do here and it is wisely said that one night here can actually make even the hardest man humble. Bangkok offers so much diversity that you will be amazed. And it is completely safe to head out at night in Bangkok and do the craziest of things.

So Go Out And Enjoy These 10 Things:

1. Head To A Night Club

Of course one of the best ways to enjoy here would be to let your hair down and dance the night away. There are so many things that you can do at the Bangkok night clubs. You can dance, drink, make friends and simply enjoy the night. Tons of dance clubs and night club options are available like Insanity.

Head To A Night Club

2. Dinner Cruise

There is nothing like going sightseeing at night and stay afloat on one of the cruises on the Chao Phraya River. There are different kinds of cruises and tours arranged for here including some that take you across the amazing temples, bridges and other tourist spots. You can try something run by the luxurious Banyan Tree Hotel named Apsara or go for the local boat rides too. You can get these barges at a gap of 45 minutes that take you across town. Luxury barges provide meals or you can get your own packed for the smaller boats.

Dinner Cruise

3.  Ladyboys or Katoeys Show

This is one of the most gorgeous and wonderful transvestites that you can see around the globe. The thai’s are highly tolerant and the shows put up by these ladyboy’s are amazing.  Many believe that katoeys are in fact a symbol of luck and fortune, unlike most societies. Their themes are dedicated to true stories of men becoming women like ‘Beautiful Boxer’.

Ladyboys or Katoeys Show

4. Go Go Bars

If you want to have fun and enjoy some bikini clad ladies dancing the night away and making the lewiiest of the gestures, then head to one of these Go-Go bars. These have put Bangkok on the map for being one of the most notorious club destinations in the wold.  The  ‘After Dark’ is all about these places. You can head to Patpong and experience all that they say about the bars here.

Go Go Bars

5. Muay Thai Fights

There is never a dearth of actions in cities like Bangkok. Head to the theatrical combat and fights of Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing. The show usually lasts 90 minutes. You can also indulge in some real life fights on the streets of the city too. Head to one of the crowded market areas to find out the nearest show.

Muay Thai Fights

6. Night Shopping

Night shopping is the perfect way to enjoy the night here. You can head to one of the malls that are open till late in the night. If you want to indulge in some street shopping then some of the destinations are JJ Green, Patpong night market and the Chatuchak Friday Night Market amongst many others.

Night Shopping

7. Siam Niramit

Basically Siam Niramit is the tale of the epic novel, told through a musical drama. It captures the history and culture of the 700 year traditions and customs that are exclusive to the city. Now the same can be seen through a 90 minute show that is a fantastic production you should not miss out at night.

Siam Niramit

8. Jazz Bars

And if you feel that you really want to have a drink and sit back and enjoy some music, then head to the Jazz bars here. Live music here in particular are excellent. You can head to the Brown Sugar, Bamboo Room or even The Living Room to enjoy some jazz, while you sit and relax.

Jazz Bars

9. Rooftop Cocktails

If you want to just hang out with your partner or friends and drink the night away, then head to one of the rooftop cocktail bars in the city. It offers a splendid view of the city as you relax and unwind. The most popular ones here include Sky Bar – lebua at State Tower, Octave Rooftop Bar – Marriott 57 Hotel, etc.

Rooftop Cocktails

10. Walk The Streets

And for those who want to do everything at one go, head out in the night and do your own thing. Take the sky train or the tuk tuk ride or simply walk down the streets and experience the real Bangkok. Stick to areas that are crowded and not remote for your safety. And when tired, head back to the hotel at dawn and sleep late.

Walk The Streets

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