Top 10 Things To Do In Bali

Top 10 Things To Do In Bali

With its perfectly sculpted rice terraces, exotic temples and picture perfect sunsets, Bali is enjoying its moment in the spotlight. Bali is one of the peerlessly stunning places on earth, where you can relax in sensationally beautiful beaches, frolic in crystal clear seas, enjoy an out of the way adventure in an emerald green paddy field, experience the pervasive calm of her numerous temples or simply bask in some glorious sunshine.

Top 10 Things To Do In Bali

 The tropical jewel called Bali is one of the smallest provinces of Indonesia in Southeast Asia. Bali has seen a surge in tourism in recent years, as it caters to the needs of everyone. So, if you are an adventure junkie or simply want to spend some quiet time with your family, head out to Bali.

Things To Do In Bali

Explore The Rice Terraces Around Ubud

One of the biggest attractions for city dwellers heading out to Bali is its scenic rice fields. Bali is dotted with numerous working rice fields, most of which are located about fifteen to twenty minutes north of Ubud city centre. The emerald fields are fringed by swaying palm trees and if you are lucky enough you might even get to see the centuries old technique of fields being ploughed by buffaloes. End the day by watching a massive migration of herons winging their way back home. Rent a cycle or a motor bike to explore the enchanting rice terraces around Ubud.

Rice Terraces Around Ubud

Enjoy A Barong Dance At Denpasar

Enjoy a captivating Barong Dance at Denpasar, as it one of the magical cultural experiences you should definitely not miss in Bali. A well known dance form in Bali, the Barong dance narrates the fight between good and evil. The ‘kris’ wielding, masked barong dancers, create a magical environment where you gently slip into a mystical world inhabited by magical beings. You can enjoy this often scary, fast paced dance form, with its dramatic pauses along with the locals to get a real taste of Bali.

Barong Dance At Denpasar

Learn To Surf At Kuta Beach

Look no further than Kuta beach if you want to learn how to surf. There are numerous surf schools located on Kuta beach which will teach you the basics of surfing. Kuta beach with its perfect surf is one of the best places on earth for beginner surfers to learn surfing – as the pounding waves break over soft sand instead of dangerous coral. With its great setting and atmosphere, learn to harness your inner energy and master the waves on beautiful kuta beach.

Learn To Surf At Kuta Beach

Snorkel Around Menjangan Island

With its pristine powdery white beaches, dramatic coral reefs and captivating underwater environment, Menjangan Island located in the stunning north-west coast of Bali, offers the perfect setting for some snorkeling. Dive off a boat to explore this stunning underwater world with its exotic fish species and colorful coral reefs. Snorkeling around Menjangan Island with its mysterious underwater cliffs can best be described as swimming in an immaculate aquarium. The water currents around this area can be quite wicked, so it is best to snorkel in groups.

Snorkel Around Menjangan Island

Climb The Scenic Mount Batur

Mount Batur is a small, but active volcano situated in the North West region of Bali. Climbing Mt. Batur is relatively easy, and so it is suitable for first time trekkers and children. A cool early morning trek along the craggy surface of this 1717 meter volcano, offer some stunning sunrise views, just as you reach its summit. First time trekkers may take an hour or two to reach the summit of this volcano. At the top of Mount Batur, you can enjoy unparalleled views of the crystal clear waters of Lake Batur.

Climb The Mount Batur

A Walk In The Sacred Monkey Forest

Visit the sacred monkey forest which is located in Ubud, not just to see the monkeys but also to absorb the stunning scenery. The monkey forest is home to nearly five hundred extremely friendly, long tailed macaque monkeys. This forest is a consecrated site for Balinese Hindus, who consider monkeys to be the personification of both positive and negative forces. Besides enjoying the antics of the cheeky monkeys, you can trek across this forest to observe some charming waterfalls and quaint wooden bridges. This forest is also the site of three ancient Hindu temples.

Sacred Monkey Forest

Road Trip To Lake Bratan

Organize a scenic day trip to Lake Bratan or Catur. Lake Bratan is situated in the northern regions of Bali. The scenic drive past the Bedugul highlands to Lake Bratan is indeed a once in a lifetime experience. Once you reach Lake Bratan you can visit the picturesque Puran Ulun Danu temple. It is believed that the powerful deity in this temple guards Lake Bratan and the surrounding areas. Adventurous souls can partake of water sports like swimming and parasailing in Lake Bratan.

Road Trip To Lake Bratan

River Rafting In Ayung River At Sayan

Located about five kilometers west of Ubud, is the picturesque village of Sayan. Sayan is home to the Ayung River. The longest river in the Bali, Ayung River is the site for an unforgettable white water rafting experience. With its sensational scenery, pristine waters and challenging rapids, Ayung River in Bali is the perfect place to head for, to get some pulse pounding adventure. You will get to experience nearly two and half hours of excitement while white water rafting at Ayung River in Sayan.

River Rafting In Ayung River At Sayan

Experience The Serenity Of Uluwatu Temple

A visit to the most spectacular temple in Bali, Uluwatu temple, which is perched precariously at the rim of a sheer cliff, features prominently on most tourists’ itinerary. This temple which is located in Southern Bali offers some unparalleled views of the sea. You can listen to the roaring surf while soaking in the surreal atmosphere. Visit this temple in the early morning or late evening to witness a mesmerizing sunrise or an awesome sunset.

Uluwatu Temple

Marvel At Exotic Butterfly Species At Butterfly Park In Bali

You can get to see rare and endemic species of butterflies at the butterfly park in Bali. This park is located approximately seven kilometers north of the town of Tabanan. The butterfly park which is spread over 3,500 meters is home to some beautiful butterfly species. If you are travelling with young children then a visit to the butterfly park should be one of the top things to do in Bali.

Butterfly Park In Bali

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